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  • Whee. I know... Seriously, I was so close to bawwing my face off. And I haven't done that for like, almost 10 years. >:

    Awesome, contact me about it when you can.
    You like Modest Mouse, amryte? I just saw the video for Little Motel. Goddamn saddest **** ever.

    Btw, when should we discuss who to ask about Union Cave?
    sounds good.

    By the way Grumpy I'd just like to say thankyou, you guys have been great opponents for what i would like to consider our first war, we warred SOLF once but they were horibbly arrogant and disrespectful and your clan has been anything but that so thank you, i appreciate it alot. This is likely one of the last vm's I'll send as I am leaving the forums for good, as more pressing matters are taking their toll on my life. Goodluck and Farewell, may Meal-Ticket prosper =]
    Yeah, Articuno is quite easy to stall out, which is why using a strong backup is a must.

    Yeah, that's fine with me, it'd be best because Al hasn't even tried to set up his match, as far as I know.
    GS, I'm going to be away for the rest of the war. I tried battling with rammagoo last night, but we disconnected three times and so gave up trying to finish. Hopefully telling you this now will give you enough time to find a replacement for me.
    Sure, lol, I'm glad to help out. Not to mention I'm back now.

    Did ya see my team? I'll reply tomorrow, I'm hitting the sack.
    You can have an extention till next sunday since this weekend is a holiday weekend but if it isn't done by then , then neither side will get any points. Make sure you all plan accordingly.
    From what I understand, it works like this:

    Your Lead Pokémon carries Yawn instead of Trick, as it normally would. It uses it on the first turn, and then on the second turn it generally diverts the attack away by using Protect or U-Turn if that's available. Then, while the opponent sleeps, you either have your Lead set up on it in the usual manner or attempt to get a Sweeper in instead and set up.

    The main issues that I see with it are getting two suitable Sweepers, I guess. As you will have two free turns to set up before the opponent can chose its attacks again, you need to make it work fast and it would help if you had weakened the opponent down a little bit first. A slow Lead is also required because you will need to be moving after the opponent to be able to get them back to Sleep again after the two turns when they wake up. Essentially,
    >Opponent wakes up and attacks
    > You use Yawn
    > You use Protect
    > Repeat

    Rather than
    > Opponent wakes up and attacks
    > You use Yawn
    > Opponent attacks again
    > You Protect
    > Repeat

    Essentially, cutting out a turn of damage. You will also need to refer to the BT List to identify the opponent's moveset to know when to bring in your Sweeper. I believe Togekiss works pretty well with this, as do Snorlax and Uxie, but I'm not quite sure of movesets. My knowledge of this is pretty basic and I don't know that much about it yet, but this is what I can gather. Might be wrong, but it could be fun anyway.
    So many things to choose from.

    And so you should be. It's power makes Farfetch'd look like a wimpy duck with a stick.

    My original lead was going to be TTar to set up the Sandstorm or Gliscor, however I believe you reccomended a Claydol for it.

    Really the only Grass type that comes to mind and that is beneficial would be Cacturne, since his evasion would go up. However, he'd get hit hard with a Megahorn or Flamethrower so....

    I'm still somewhat rootin' for my Gliscor, but I'm always open for changes :)
    Hello there Grumpy, thanks for the friend request

    Anyway, I've took a look on my BT team and you mentioned an extremely BIG weakness to Grass-Type. Have you thought of anything that could help?
    Heh, I'd have reported him if he tried posting again. He was really annoying.

    Nice. I only got one, but I was fairly lucky. First try, Modest Nature, 24 Spe IVs (I think). And since I really can't be bothered to SR, that will be fine for me.

    I saw it, it's pretty nice. IGRMT does need to get better. The only interesting thing right now is AlCario trolling all over that Garchomp vs Metagross thread.
    I know. It lol'd when I saw it.

    Yea, I thought so too. And it's essentially having to provide synergy for only two Pokémon rather than three... Yea, it would be, but Latios would get the Lefties since it takes longer to set up.
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