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  • ...I've just had a really weird thought. Latias / Latios / Scizor. Ignore the lolsynergy between the Lati@s for a second and hear me out. Scizor and Latias provide perfect Synergy together. Hence, Latios and Scizor do too. Simply have Scizor take out the first Pokémon and switch into Latios when you have to. It's a weird idea, but it could work...

    I'd have thought its massive Def would be causing problems with Rock Slide tbh... But evidently not. Mehh, even if it roars out Shuckle, Latias is immune to Spikes and can't be Roared out when she's behind a Substitute. I can't see it being too problematic.


    Awesome stuff. Latios deserves more love anyway. It's completely eclipsed by Latias.

    Alright then, enjoy it. Later. AND READ MY EDIT.
    I'm guessing 4 Something / 252 SpAtk / 252 Spe, then? That could be a bit of a problem. It's hard to meet a nice balance of Spe and HP with Latias, which is why I guess she's often used as a Lead. Imo, outclassed by Latios for the job you want her to do also.

    You have Earthquake to rape them with though. Although I guess Skarmory and Bronzong, both of which are pretty lol tbh, could do some damage.

    Oh, right. Yea, I an definitely see it causing trouble there. There's really nothing that can take it on. Didn't I mention that, if memory serves?

    Whee. Good luck with it. Use LatiCario and you suck.

    Latias can't take Fighting attacks? That's a surprise, really. She's everything but frail. I guess the synergy between Latias and Shuckle is alright, but nothing special. There are many types that can just pop up and sweep the **** out of you. Meh, I couldn't really see Yanmega giving this team in general too much trouble, although Shuckle's use seems to be rather luck-based to me.
    Yea, but 63 is still good. Although you might have a bit of trouble with Synergy. Porygon-2's Normal typing makes it kind of hard to establish synergy with the res tof the team as it doesn't lure anything except for Fighting. I can't imagine it would be a great lead in the long-term. Its evident inability to outspeed a Max Base 120 Spe seems to be an issue as well. I can see Starmie 858 (Surf / Psychic / Ice Beam / Thunderbolt) giving you absolute hell in the wrong situation, among others...

    Yea, it's kinda like the anti-hax, lol.
    Mehh, it was a decent choice given the circumstances. But there was probably something better too.

    Dragon Fang? =/ Oh, right. Where are you now?
    Good point. Irony ftw. The song was meh, though.

    My crops would die before they had a chance to grow. I'm too lazy to water regurarly.

    o_O Glad I never got to meet him.

    It sure is. Now if only they would turn the darn AC on.

    As if. I look better than you, without question
    I'm not bashing it either, but I'd agree. Iirc, you're up against Serbia next. Which should be doable. But from then on you'll be pretty screwed tbh. So, we get to play Germany on Sunday. That should be... interesting, given out recent performances. Then again, we weren't too bad against Algeria, so... Meh.

    Ugh, roadkill squirrel. No one can do anything nice with that...

    Oh grow a pair. Fair enough. No one likes a rotting squirrel...

    So, the USA are in the Top 16. Thoughts?
    I'm deadly serious. Those things are delicious.

    Well, that sounds like... Fun? And why the hell were you smelling a letter anyway? >:
    Blah. Using a standard Pokemon name makes me seem more guyish(?). I'm a girl, not a dog, for crying ouy loud.

    Again, lucky. You grow your own crops? That certainly seems interesting.


    Sort of, but I get my extra sleep at school. I find that hard to believe, tbh
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