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  • We're supposed to post and manage the War Thread, right? Can I do it? I feel like I'm not helping out enough with this war.
    *sobs uncontrollably* arrrgh.....well, I unfortunately don't have that many...I've got maybe two? Haha ah, well I'll just have to dive in with my feeble low IV team until I can get the Candies. Thanks for the help though, much appreciated dude.
    Yeah, that's the closest battle I've ever had.

    Here's another good one, this shows the full extent of my skill.
    Hah, you said mang, I approve. Alright, so, there's no way to check IVs at level 1, huh? I'm doing the BT cuz I need the Rare Candies, don't own a computer (this is from my phone) so no RNG, and no second DS to check in a Wi-Fi battle. So, am I pretty much IV screwed? I got 11 Horsea in the box, waiting for your answer haha.
    Soz this has taken so long, im not exactly setting a good standard for our clan and please don't get that impression of us :S

    BigBeluga Gmt-5
    Rammagoo Gmt+10
    BlackBoard Gmt+1
    Megaman12 Gmt-5
    Lordgriffin Gmt-5
    Blinky The Mew Gmt-6
    Jahz Gmt+1
    Alright, I'll record both. That video is cool, but the people's reactions made me lol.

    Btw, read this for an amazing match with me as the loser for once, lol.
    Oh jeez, tell me about it. Hey, no problem, we need more good leaders in there :D

    Just wait and see ;o
    Yeah, back in the day when the Mods were actually good, and all the Clans were run by people who actually knew what they were doing (Team SeaSoul, Red Dragons, etc). There's only a few now I can think of that are like that, yours of course being one of them.

    Sounds good. I've got myself a pretty good co-leader too :D
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