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  • Yeah, I played my cousins all the time growing up. FF, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Ape Escape, all that good stuff but never owned one. I got lucky and found one for $25 at the flea market earlier in August though.
    I've heard great things about IX, so my expectations are pretty high now :p
    That's why we love you, Joe.

    As much of a Korean I am, I honestly don't care for Samsung phones. Maybe it's because I've grown accustomed to Apple, but I just can't use an Android OS run phone.

    Ah, mu lord Geomancers were broken in FFTA2. Raise one as an Assasin and you could disable half the opponents within a single turn with Dualcast Fire Whip x)

    That being said, Bahamut isn't as efficient as just outright using Fang. When was the last game Summons were relelvant in FF?
    Oh yea, it comes out in north america this month right?
    I still can't believe they're doing another Halo, I thought it would just be spin-off after spin-off! I do enjoy the plot of those games though, even if some people don't.
    Speaking of xbox and pc games, I'm still waiting on those skyrim DLCs to get on ps3...

    It's as if, all of a sudden, I actually have stuff to do extracurricular. Grad transitions are very annoying, since there are six sections with 10+ essays each...
    I was also thinking of logging some international service hours because I'm going to Beijing to teach english and music, any tips? I heard you were a teacher.
    Meh. my life's been pretty uneventful as well... but that's worse, since I'm at the end of school :p

    Listening to your tracks,
    In april showers I like the combination of the acoustic and synths, kinda needed a strong melody line though. Same deal with Just Listen.
    8-Bit Writ I like, just generally, the rapping is good (is it you?) and it has a great feel... it has a lot of energy. Although I don't think the instrumental break really works with the rest of the track... it seems kinda abrupt. But apart from that though it was sweet.
    Underground was my favourite one there, the main synth line is just badass. It took me a while to realise but it reminds me of 'Welcome to the Machine' by Pink Floyd.
    Your sound is pretty diverse in these four tracks, keep it up man.
    That really isn't necessary, but feel free to do whatever you wish

    Uh huh? Makes me wish we got the iPhone 5 here in Korea. Sucks that we're Samsung's home turf

    What, the BM? They don't get any status ailment spells, don't they?

    Eidolon's in general aren't very efficient imo
    Haha, I can see why you'd think that... I still think it has one of the best soundtracks in the series though. I still find the Junctioning system way too confusing, but I'll get used to it I guess. I've actually never played IX though.
    ahahaha sounds good. I feel sorry for those people in inland states over there, not being able to go to the beach :p

    Yeah I think everyone feels the same way. I just want to sleep for once and not feel guilty about it lol.
    Ah, right.

    "Luminosity"... what's yours?
    This is the most recent thing I've uploaded. Most of my recordings are pretty sparse and I can't really sing that well, but I'm mostly in it for the songwriting.
    Well at least travelling's fun xD Where have you been recently, out of interest?

    At least I'm not the only one :p
    I know, I liked Aeons from X so much more, but I guess I can't really complain. What annoys me most is how useless the Eidolons can be, other than their ability to free-res everyone on your team.

    Haha, haven't fought one yet. xD

    Don't remind me. It makes me angry to know that things like that exist.

    Haha, really? All legit I hope?
    Cost me a good $50, but sooo worth it. I also got VIII and IX... time to relive my childhood x)
    That's great to hear! Having more people from the original Tiering back at IGRMT ought to make sorting things out much easier. Feel free to do whatever you want with the OP!

    But you know it's true ;p

    So what's iOS6 like in general? I haven't updated, and I probably won't until it can be Jailbroken. Besides, it doesn't seem like the iPod Touch 4th Gen is supported =/

    ikr? It made Black Magic soooo deadly in the game. Suddenly, everything you throw at the enemy does 1.5x damage.

    His only saving grace is Alexander tbh, and I don't use Eidolons in general x)
    It's just totally lamezors.

    Mayhaps, I feel like it's more due to his Synergist capability though. He does, his Blitz is great.

    Not so much annoying as just boring, there's nothing to figure out or challenge you. D:

    I've noticed. xD Orly? You'll have to.
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