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  • Hi!
    Pretty much the biggest scandal in he History of Serebii is going on now in the Blacklist. Can you me as soon as possible? We don't want another flame war.
    yeah same here man... test week is brutal.

    I've been spending a fair amount of time just writing songs and recording them, apart from that I haven't done much interesting.
    No, too expensive. I'm going to a chiropractor, though. It seems to be working, but now it feels as if I've bruised my tailbone or something. I'm just falling to peices, haha.
    Pretty good. C&CT is a tad boring, but it's a philosophy class. Those are really hard to teach properly.

    No kidding. I'm still recovering from it.

    Yeah, true. You might want to put somebody more active in charge of it, though. Js.
    It's just so lame compared his actual awesome self.

    Well as characters, Sazh and Vanille just seem to both be the ones that hit you the hardest, because of how their bond ends up turning out with everything that happens in Nautilus. Well you kind of need it, Sazh has the lowest stats on my entire team and I just don't really view him as much of an asset. I mean eventually Hope learns everything he has to offer Synergistically, right? And Hope can do so much more as a Ravager and a Medic. But right now my dual-Sabotage thing with Vanille and Fang's working out, just not against the Proudclad. xD

    Oh big time, but it took me so long to learn that in the quest line, it's so weird having to pick up everything on the fly. :p RIGHT? THEY'RE LIKE IMPOSSIBRU! >:O

    Balls, then it looks like I'm in for a rough time beating this boss. xD

    I get the feeling that you've beaten this game before...
    hi again. i have another question. r u able to delete posts on trade shops. if so could u delete post 3, 5, 10, and 12 in master 92 1/2's trade shop. thanks.
    Alexander is so cool though, and he's technically the strongest Eidolon I have right now. And that name has a sexy ring to it. And the way he enters is boss. Bahamut's cool too, but I don't really like the whole horse thing with Odin. Fang's just awesome, I only wish she'd be able to ravage. Haha, Sazh is pretty cool though, if you haven't noticed my profile picture. x)

    Yeah, I sort of figured it'd be like Pokemon in that respect. Really? Are you doing like, super-speed paradigm switches and everything? I only find it really difficult when I get a little too lax on the defense and get surprised by some ability. Or Boxed Phatanxes. I hate those. How many chapters are there, and how do you warp back?
    Oh. Um. Well this is awkward.

    I'm using Light, Vanille, and Fang, although I almost want to use Hope for Alexander. x) But I've got the Razor Carbine, Aurora Scarf, and the Shaman's Wristband with something I can't remember, Vanille has Malboro Wand, Aurora Scarf, Diamond Bangle, and the Connosieur's Catalog, and Fang's rocking the Taming Wand, Royal Armlet, Aurora Scarf, and Brawler's Wristband. Yeah, not doing the greatest. :p I have 37 hours logged, and with constant grinding at the main story I still haven't beaten it. xD
    Lol, that's probably true. It'd be a preeeeety tight fit xD

    Nah, on Monday. Advanced Comp., ARCH I: Intro to Education, Band (yes, it counts as a class, though it's only one credit), General Psychology, and something called "Critical and Creative Thinking", which I assume is some sort of pre-requisite to an Education degree.

    Not at Notre Dame. Nine and a half hours of practice (typically six and a half for marching, three for music), four hours of meal time (this includes a late evening meal because we were losing so many calories from the workouts), and the rest is downtime/sleep time. And that's just the "official" schedule; the Director, Caption Heads, and Section Leaders were often herding us out to practice early (like 6:30 A.M. early, which turned into an extra hour and a half before letting us go to breakfast [which started at 7:30, and morning block starts at 8:30, meaning we have about... fifteen minutes to eat breakfast, which we have to do or we'll pass out during morning block]) or keeping us half an hour late just to fix stuff. Plus we had to do ten pushups every time we made a mistake in the drill (right down to stumbling because we were tired), and if people were fooling around too much we all had to run a lap around whole campus (and the time it takes for everyone to finish the lap isn't counted as practice time). Furthermore, there were no real breaks during practice, just water breaks called "gush and go's" which last only about thirty seconds and are allowed solely for you to slam as much water down your gullet as humanly possible. Frankly, one does not simply "gush and go". :/

    Also, where the hell is Alex? You know, TBR Alex. He hasn't been on in ages and the moveset index has been rotting since last October. It needs a major cleanout.
    lol nice avi!

    Rebels are so insolent. Off with their heads!

    Make sure we have napkins first
    good times, good times...
    Dat scaly backside has me coming back for more.

    I've noticed a lack of lag on my iPad 2. Then again, I am still pretty early in. Y'know, before the fancy sword skills make just about everything else redundant?

    Huh, maybe it's because you were using them with Parivir? iirc Katanas don't have the best WAtk. Paladin+Geomancy S-Ability makes Flair the most overpowered skillset ever. Of course, I'm refering to the Elemental Blade skill (Only one I can remember atm is Hoarfrost Blade x)

    But why bother when he's outclassed by everyone else, including lolVanille. Sad thing is, he usually ends up being outclassed by Vanille more often than not.

    So I was thinking of posting a thread on IGRMT to tier the BW2 Pokedex, kinda like what we did back at IGRMT Rater's Union. What're your thoughts on it. I think having the entire community take part in it'll be a worthwhile experience.
    Haha, you're smarter than I am, I'm just heading into Chapter 12 and am on the boss. It's like, painful. x) But the intro to Chapter 12 is super legit, like better than the rescue scene at Palumpolum.

    So, who'd you pick for you team, and what'd you outfit them with?
    You want to know something awkward?

    Having an insatiable hunger for a good RPG, checking the Games Marketplace on Xbox for good candidates, deciding on FFXIII, and then checking your Friend List only to find someone else playing the exact same game. x)
    I think it's the shampoo you use.

    It is a neat project. Our teacher came up with all these engaging projects. He's a bald guy who likes mountain biking and is a rock fanatic (and a drummer, like you :D )
    Well I play a few brass instruments (mainly in the school bands) so I mimicked a trombone and made one out of bardboard tubes, etc.
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