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  • If you still want to battle, I'm game. Use the middle FC. That's for HG. :)
    You tried my HG fc, right? Did you put it in right? It works for the other people I battle. That is weird. I will be on tomorrow evening, around 5pm my time. So if you want to battle, then would be good. Do you have aim? It is easier to communicate that way. i may not always be on serebii.
    I can't battle today, but I can battle either tomorrow or over the weekend at anytime. I didn't start going to the VGCs until about three years ago. Your first time, huh? You'll enjoy it. I would try to be there up to 4 hours prior to the start of registration.
    Howdy!!! Always nice to meet a fellow trainer from the the good ole days. I am actually on the east cost so I am going to the Newark one, the one nearest me. I have a team I am building as well. The choices aren't that tough, it's just a matter of figuring out what the majority of the teams are going to be and then trying to counter them.

    I wouldn't mind battling you. My FCs are in my sig. I use HG. What is your trainer name? Mine is Kaiju. Can't wait to battle.
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