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  • That sounds creepy... >.>
    Ooh BLEEP!
    1. Lt. Surge & Wattson
    2. Porygon Line
    3. Gloom
    4. Charizard and Rhyhorn
    5. 850
    6. Seel...
    And yeah keep me informed...
    1. Lt Surge
    2. Porygon line
    3. Gloom
    4. Charizard and Rhyhorn (that ALWAYS got on my nerves in Leaf Green...)
    5. Umm... Don't really wanna check so I'll guess... 750?

    Also, please keep informing me!
    Becuase of the new system, this is what you can use your points to "buy"
    Cookies :):)x50 100 tpoints
    Toast :):]x50 150 tpoints
    Cracker [::l::]x50 150 tpoints
    Frog _^(o·o)^_x50 200 tpoints
    Wand .º☆----=x50 250 tpoints
    (ºº) Baltoy x50 300 tpoints
    ____ helicopter x50 350
    Fudge pop (__[=-x50 400tpoints
    GameboyColor [+□.··]x50 450 tpoints
    Owl (OvO)x50 450 tpointsRegigigas (·:····)x50 500 tpoints
    Phone _:):□l=::)x50 550 tpoints
    New Items maybe added. Or request An Item.
    I thought about the trivia for a while, & realized it was anoying to wiat for trivia of the item you want to come out. So insteead I have Created a points system. You win points for answering a question right & you can trade in those points for neat little cookies!( The Rarer or harder to find cookies will cost more of course.) I will keep track of the cookies for you, so no need to jot down your points. Now t the Trivia!
    Name all the gym leaders that fought in wars
    Reward: 300 tpoints
    What is the Only 3-stage evolution family that all can learn Hyper Beam & Giga Impact?
    Reward: 400 tpoints
    What is the only pokemon to lose a type when it evolves?
    Reward: 200 tpoints
    What pokemon have the exact same cry?
    Reward: 200 tpoints
    What is the cost of a potion & an escape rope?
    Reward: 300 tpoints
    Name the most obvios pokemon name.
    Reward: 100 tpoints
    That Escavalier in your siggy made me lol so hard... It looks like it's humping the air or something haha.
    1. The Wobuffet is just the tail and the rest of it is a blind punching bag thingy. Yes, 2.
    2. Bibarel
    3. Raikou
    4. Skitty

    Also, can you PM or VM me when a new trivia comes out?
    Your request for a userbar at the Silver Lining art shop has been completed. Please have a visit to pick up your request. Dont forget to upload it to your own image source so you wont hog up all my bandwidth =]
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