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  • makes sense, but i sure didn't see it coming. either way, it's nice to make new friends. :)
    I believe Entei lacked the mask and Wobbuffet has eyes on its tail. I can't find any wild pokémon data on
    the Fluffy Tail though...
    Does Wobuffet have eyes?
    Electrode :)l )x15
    Who can learn more TMs, Empoleon or Bibarel?(all gens)
    Frog _^(•o•)^_ x20
    Which Beast sprite lacked a mask in Gold/Silver? Entie, Raikou, or Suicune?
    Cookies :):)x 50
    What pokemon deos the fluffy tail come from?
    Fluffy tail ==c8c8 x6
    Yup. I did, in fact, start the Cookie Revolution.
    And Imma go with Ninjask.
    And as of late, I have the most cookies, right?
    Ho-Oh appears to have plumage of red, white, green, and gold (orange).

    So therefore, it must be missing yellow, blue, indigo, purple (violet), and the various colors outside of the visible light spectrum.
    You're getting 75 cookies for each One pokemon from each type. If there are 16 types how many cookies will you get if you get 75 for each of them?
    Due to size limitations, the questions oof the week has been moved here.
    Ho-oh is the rainbow pokemon, yet it lacks many of the colors of the ranbow from its feathers. What colors is it missing(shiny not included)? Prize: cookie :):) x5

    Does Wobuffet have eyes? Prize: electrode :)l) x10

    Which pokemon Can learn more HMs? Empoleon or Bibarel(all gens included) Prize: drifloon x1
    Who is the fastest pokemon? Ninjask, Accelgor, Electrode, or Aerodactyl?
    PM me the answer! you've got 1 chance!
    There are 16 types (excluding the unofficial Shadow). Take one Pokemon from each type and make a comparison to a high school figure.
    For example, Heracross - the nerd that can actually put up a fight. I can only think of Heracross. I want you to post the other types.
    You're pretty lucky that I'm not making you solve a math problem for cookies.
    Would ya like some cookies?
    I'll give you 75 for every person of a high school from each type that you can think of.
    I'll give you even more for a hard math problem.
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