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Last Activity:
Nov 22, 2015
Feb 15, 2011
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Shiny Collector

Gumballs was last seen:
Nov 22, 2015
    1. EarthquakeCroc
      i would like a shiny metagross or its pre-evolution anything you wanna trade with? i dun hav much shinies
    2. EonInfinity
      I got ahold of a shiny Golurk (jap event) if you're interested?
    3. NoToRiousBrawL
      Hello there :D
    4. Ulicies
      Hey! I was wondering if you wanted to do the trade around now. I'm available anytime tonight, so if you're ever ready, I'm ready! ^_^
    5. EonInfinity
      Sorry, I forgot I wrote here.

      Unfortunately the PorygonZ was a fake, (I got it traded to me, but I didn't want it. But I was suspicious after I looked at the OT), so it's been released.
      If I manage to get any other shinies, I'll go to the hack check thread and find out if they're real, then let you know. So I'm going to add you so I have your username and easy access to your profile if I find one ^^
    6. Ulicies
      Whoops! Lol I guess I gotta clean it out xD

      All right, I'll try to get back online later tonight and catch you online to trade.
    7. EonInfinity
      Hey, I have a shiny porygon Z I'm looking to trade.
      I saw in the thread that you have some shinies for trade, I'm interested in Zorua and Shinx if you'd like to trade.
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