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Recent content by gunbomb90

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    *Revamped RNG Discussion/Help Thread [Do not ask about Gen 6 RNG]

    If you read the 2nd post of this topic, it says that standard RNG is not available to 3ds or dsi
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    *Revamped RNG Discussion/Help Thread [Do not ask about Gen 6 RNG]

    Can some1 tell me how to do C Gear RNG-ing? I dont get it..
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    I see...haha..well good luck in ur trades

    I see...haha..well good luck in ur trades
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    Disturbing Pokemon

    Lavender town...I remembered how creepy that mother cubone was when I was a lil kid
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    Legendaries that aren't unique

    Well, sometimes its weird..but legendaries are powerful and have higher stats.
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    That is just unfair...

    Lol keep trying man. Hyper beam is not really an issue..if you try really hard u can beat them easily @@
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Hell yeah I would! All you do is catch pokemon and study about pokemon. xD
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    What Pokemon got you interested in playing the game?

    For me its not which, its Pokemon that got me interested =D
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    What pokemon do you think a chef would have?

    Charmender, to help with the the grilling and stuff.
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    Insane Pokemon Captures

    Always ready lots of pokeballs for capturing legendaries. I also had an experience where I tried to catch Lugia in SS, throwing almost 50 ultra and it didnt work. I soft reset and I threw 3 ultra and it was successful.
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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    Pokemon have always been weird dude
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    PokeLady's Re-Intro...

    Welcome back to sppf! Nice to meet ya
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    Hey there! Welcome to sppf!