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  • Glad to hear! I've actually been trying to borrow my friends copy of OR since she's playing through AS. She won't bite though :/

    Thought so, I believe this is it 1504-6164-9867 I'll double check tomorrow just to be sure.
    So, I noticed you have ORAS :) Are you enjoying it? I myself won't be getting it till Christmas but from what I've read it looks really good! It's just filling me with nostalgia!

    Also, did I ever get round to giving you my 3DS code? I'm sure I was getting it for you but I'm not sure if I ever told you what it was.
    I loved UA and AF, sure it was more serious but the story lines were amazing and I loved how Ben actually improved, Sorry but in Omniverse, Ben never improved except for Skurd in this final arc.
    That's the point!! I mean she was apart of the team for years and they don't even have her speak a word let alone look at Ben.
    Cuz why wouldn't Vilgax be working with time moron. Was this the same guy Vilgax was scared of a few episodes back??
    I'm really confused about Rath lol. Why does he suddenly have clothes and a spanish accent, especially since we saw him a few episodes ago and no clothes.
    Not sure man, Wikipedia doesn't mention anything about it being canceled so idk what to tell you. It just says the final episode(as of now) will air on the 14th.
    I have my doubts. I just can't believe we went from Arc 6 which was pretty damn good to Arc 7 which has been pretty crappy so far.
    Idk how to feel about the finale after part one. The only thing that became apparent is that Azmuth needs to give him control of the watch already, seriously it's sad at this point.
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