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  • Damn, you discovered my secret...

    The joys of having a family as large as mine.
    I'll keep you in consideration :p If I do decide on doing anything, it'll probably be in the new year around January. I'm planning on participating in NaNoWriMo this year so my brain will be fried after that and I'm usually pretty busy in December getting presents delivered everywhere.
    If I had a decent idea I would! :D To be honest, I had been considering maybe making one but I'm a bit unsure at the moment.
    Yeah, besides the one I'm currently in now on here, I haven't been able to get into a good one for ages. Sometimes I'd retract a form right after typing it up...

    I do miss the kind of RPs you descirbed, and I wish there were more out there. Or at the very least ones that I could get access too.
    Good. I'm not as into it as much anymore, but I still use it as a way to let out my writing juices whilst not having to write a novel or something.
    I'm having a gap year from college, and then I'm going on to do a pharmacuitcal apprenticehsip. It was pretty stressful leading up to the end of college, as they kept putting pressure on us to do this and that. I'm just glad to be taking a break...
    The worst of the worst? :p

    Ahh, that sucks but I totally get the feeling. To be fair, if I didn't try and cram a whole bunch of stuff into the day I'd be bored out of my mind by now :/
    Meh, just proves that CN has given up on any show not called Adventure Time. At least they are actually showing the rest of the episodes quickly so we don't have to wait.
    Na, the seventh arc started yesterday and will end on the 31. Idk when the 8th arc will start yet, but it seems to start soon after running for November 3-14th.
    Hehe, I'm terrible aren't I? :p

    And I'm good, thanks for asking. I finished college in July so I'm taking a gap year before going to uni or whatever I think of next. How about yourself?
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