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  • Well there's gonna be at least 80 episodes so there is still 30 episodes to go unless they order more of course.
    Lol, true. Still trolled by two different sources in the same day hurts bro.

    Anyways, how you liking the omniverse??
    Oh the story was great! I sort of had an idea as to how it was going to end, but it still surprised me!

    I'm a bit iffy on Zygarde. I hope in this gen they make like a 'Z' version or something and not slap a two on the end. I did hear, however, that there's an update being released next year which is supposed to include a lot of story changes. Still, that might not even be true yet!
    It's alright, honestly! I understand and respect that you had other things going on previously.

    Everything's good this end, yourself?
    Well I'm about to take on the elite 5 now. Damn, the storyline was really intense towards the end! Definately one of my favourite storylines. :)
    Hmm, that's a very interesting hypothesis. I can't wait till I get to that point in game :)
    Oh gosh, I really don't understand the need for Absol to be portrayed as the 'angel of death'...

    As I know I'm a little bit further behind than you, I will say that I am really enjoying how they've fit the history for mega stones in with the main plotline.
    Yes I agree, still a bit iffy on some mega evolutions. Like mega Gengar is rather peculiar looking...
    That is very true. I think the only thing I really liked about Yveltal was it's red-black colour scheme, other than that I really dislike it.
    I was going to that with mine, I'll probably do it tomorrow once my DS has charged. Did you get the Y version or the X version, by the way?
    That we do, that we do. I'll get it next time I'm in game...I can never remember it in my head.
    Sylveon was a pain, I'll give you that. It took 4/5 of my team...I think I must invest in one.
    I've heard the storyline was great from a couple of my friends. It is a really nice game, I've been poorly attempting to train my team up a little since we barely scraped through the fairy gym...
    I'm back too, was just busy defeating Valerie's gym. How're you liking X or Y so far?
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