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  • I'm glad you're impressed! I don't know all the details yet but I at least know enough that it'll get really dark x) I'm excited. I'm taking my sweet time with it though xD
    Oh, yeah, no I get what you mean. I'm uncomfortable blabbering about myself sometimes too.

    Do whatever you're comfortable with, man. If you go back and don't get anything out of it, what's the point in the first place? Maybe just waiting a little while will help you out.
    Hah! I see nothing wrong with that, it wasn't hurting anyone >>

    Ugh no, I know what you mean, sort of. I'm lucky enough to have my parents who saved up for my tuition even before I was born, so I never had to take out loans. I hear all about it from other people though and it sounds absolutely terrible. In order to make lives better they just get made worse x.x But don't waste what you've already thrown out, try to finish at some point and maybe you'll get far enough to get back on track >: you might as well, right? I'm sorry to hear that though.

    Don't worry, people vent to me a lot, you vent all you need! Mine are good, on the last year now. Terrifying. :'I Standing up in front of students talking kinda freaks me out still, but I'm sure there are worse presenters than I am so I try not to dwell on it.
    Oh, yeah, definitely. Welcome to the Internet, I guess. If it's new, it's bad. If it's old, it's also bad. There's no winning, especially with the Pokemon fandom. It's ridiculous. Complaints are valid but not dwelling on them and announcing "PREORDER CANCELLED" to everyone, it's just obnoxious and it won't change anyone's mind about the game. Nobody seems to comprehend that though.

    I love video editing, I bet that'd be interesting. I know that feeling too, though. You know that the legal age limit for drinking is 21 in the USA, and that's because teenagers don't have a fully developed brain in order to judge things sensibly. But, you know, be sure you choose a career for the rest of your life when you're 18! I hate that. I wish I could've had more time to explore things I wanted to do, but I grabbed English. I'm gonna teach, and so far I really do enjoy it, but I wonder if there was something better for me out there, you know?
    Wait, wait, people don't like ME3? ;-; but... why? OTL I liked it just fine! Even if I don't actually play them, I just watch playthroughs because I can't play games worth a crap... I still thought it was pretty good. A good end for the Shepherd arc, I hope ME4 moves on a little from Shep's story. But yeah, I could totally see that. /vp/ and /v/ are really similar to that sort of thing. I hate that, can't people just have opinions and present them MATURELY as if their opinions aren't OBJECTIVE? It's cool to not like the game, don't say "wow this game is crap" just because you don't like it. To someone else, it's GOAT, shut up. fkjslhdf /rant

    Yes! I really enjoy what I read, but I didn't read too much so I don't know how things lead into each other. It's about as twisty and dark as BW's storyline so if that's your thing, it's awesome. It's even darker, IMO, but I just notice that sort of stuff more when it's for a Pokemon game. And what do you do for broadcasting? Is that like being a news anchor or going on the public radio to announce things, or is it something else?
    Yeah, those are still contributions and vital ones! Ugh, I thought I was alone with thinking lots of people on here are unnecessarily hostile and jerky. It's not as bad as /vp/ but it can still get pretty crap-flingy, you know? If you support GF's decisions, you're a drone; if you go against them, you're a genwunner. There's no winning. I come on today and see already that there's an argument going on in the dex thread. Ugh.

    (And oh man, I've already accidentally spoiled myself for the story, but it's things I would expect as an English major so I'm not fussed. It's an AWESOME story though, I'll tell you that much!)
    Oh my gosh, thank you so much ;_; I'm always afraid that I sound like some sort of jerk or something when I post. I'm glad at least someone doesn't think that ;-; really, that means a lot. You make great contributions as well from what I've seen! ;v;
    Don't worry, I can understand the point you are trying to make. I'd have to pay roughly £9,000 to get into uni, depending on the level of course I'd do. £9,000 is more money than I've ever had in my life and no offense but where I live there are no high paying or even decent jobs! Most of the upmarket places were closed when the government increased taxes and VAT. It's extremely annoying though, when the tutors at college nag you to get a job yet you can't get one cause there are no good jobs or they ask for a lot of experience which you can't get.

    My friends all tell me I could take out a loan from the government but I'm really against that idea. I seriously don't think they have any idea how long it would take me to repay that, help pay the bills and pay for other necessities. I mean I understand I don't have a job at the moment but my college course is very demanding and I'm there for like 8 hours four days in the week and the last day is spent doing work experience at a nursery.
    Ah, no I'm in my third year of college studying health and social. I started at level 1, since I had never done that subject before. I do intend on attending Uni afterwards though.

    Either way, mega-evolutions are awesome all-around, and the first new type since GSC is pretty big news. Finally Mawile is getting some love <3

    Bro. It's like we have this connection. It's a fabulous connection. With sword legs. Almost as fabulous as the new villainous team.
    I'm pretty ill as well. Caught a bug towards the end of last week. I swear, I get sick more than anyone I know...
    Trying to scrape together the funds to buy Pokemon XY... and a 3DS. I could afford it at launch, I suppose, but I really should wait for a sale on Black Friday or something... Argh. So interested though. The changes to both the metagame (fairies! mega-evolutions! ah!) and training mechanics (EVs, XP) are crazy. Makes me want to get back into competitive...

    So which one are you looking at in particular? X has been looking good for me... Xerneas is pretty classy.
    See mom, I'm social! 1000 messages! And 'ey! Sorry for the silence, I haven't been on Serebii much at all. All sorts of stuff going on lately...

    So how've you been, man? Anything new happening? Writing, gaming, whatever.
    Hey bro, have you checked out the new Avengers show?? It's pretty sick. And check out Ultimate spiderman while your at it, it's hilarious.
    Yes, it is. I apologize deeply for my absence, but I have been very busy with work lately. I'll try to be around more often if I can!
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