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  • Well, guess you'll be figuring it out now, huh? What he did in the civil war, I mean. Ideals is run by King Aleksandr/Zekrom/Ysavvryl, so I suppose he'll be in Castle Town with the other Aleksandrians.

    My character will be on... whatever side happens to need the most people, probably. (I believe that's the Aleksandrians at the moment, but I'm not sure). Actually, I'm not sure who my character will even be. All I know is that they'll be using some version of the Crucibow, because I need to use that weapon in at least one RPG. Too bad there aren't any Haunter in Unova... =/
    Hmm... I remember Guy having an ancestor, just not what he did. Well, either way, that sounds pretty neat. Do you know what side you're going to be on?
    Good, but busy. Work and studies and all that time-consuming stuff. Had to go on hiatus for a few months because of it all, too. Ugh... learning...

    Anyway, I saw that you signed up for Knights of Unova, which is awesome because I was planning on joining myself if the RP kicks up its pace. Are you playing Guy again?
    Hey man, just checking to see if you're still interested in Knights of Unova! Haven't seen you there recently, si I thought I'd check in and be sure.
    Definitely. The Leviathans were such a nice plot hook for what comes next. The galaxy is pretty beaten down, and they're a very real threat. Mm, the Awakened Collector. Looked so nice, but I sold ME3 off before any of this fancy new stuff with Volus and whatnot. Considering picking up a copy for PC just for the multiplayer... it's on sale for $8.00.
    And there's another two weeks gone. T.T I can't life properly. It's a shame about Attican, I never really got around to taking part though. I personally found the Leviathans a little meh too, because they just kind of showed up without much prior notice. "Oh by the way guys, the Reapers were actually created by gigantic psychic space cthulhu." It did provide context for the ending though, and was a pretty good bit of dlc. Maybe an ME RP over here, then?

    Yep, not going to undertake projects until I'm through with testing and other silly shenanigans. I've handily proven that I can't do that right about now. So how have you been faring, my friend? Been writing?
    "The following is a list of episodes of the American animated television series Ben 10: Omniverse. Only forty episodes were ordered at first,[1] but as of August 25, 2012, production of episode forty-one began, with twenty more episodes being ordered, bringing the total up to sixty.[2] The sixty episodes have been broken into six story arcs of ten episodes each.[3] The episodes are being aired out of intended, production order. The table below shows the intended order of viewing episodes."

    That lol. We just started the fourth arc.
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