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  • yeah, i used to consider a lot simply "rock" but then i for more into genres i suppose. not that they really matter all that much anyway. x)
    and speaking of nerding, here are examples from the genres that you didn't know;

    melodeath: bereavement / insomnium, december flower - in flames
    chillstep: afterglow - phaeleh
    house: one more time - daft punk
    progressive house: soma - deadmau5
    trance: till i come - atb
    synthpop: fireflies - owl city
    synthrock: horror show - the birthday massacre
    Lol. I'll link you to some examples when I'm on a computer since I'm using my phone right now. Although deadmau5 IS progressive house lol.
    Oh I'm into a lot... Here's a list of genres I guess:

    Hard Rock
    Indie Rock
    Death Metal
    Thrash Metal
    Alternative Rock
    Drum n Bass
    Progressive House
    Progressive Metal
    Hip Hop
    Some Blues
    Some Pop
    Some Classic Rock

    And probably some other stuff I forgot about lol.
    Nah, too much effort, haha. Just gonna avoid marriage altogether I think. Lolwut. I wouldn't know, since I don't listen to Kanye West, but it is actually from a song.
    i probably think like that too much, haha. i'm way too laid back. :x

    wow well **** me that's mental. see this is among the reasons why i'm never getting married haha.
    oh god, that's not good. relax a little bit. on the whole scale of things, it's alright if you aren't doing perfectly for little while.

    and wow, engagement! that's so exciting, although i heard rings are really expensive.

    i'm doing alright. life's been a little difficult lately but it's nothing that won't pass. (=
    oops. :x

    trains are sometimes relaxing, yeah, but they can be really loud too, which sucks. =/

    it's been a while. how are you?
    Uh, no, we use planes. Trains are easier in our own countries though because they aren't as big as America. But imagine having to travel across the whole of Europe using only trains and busses. It'd be so inconvenient next to planes, although there are some trains equipped to do it.
    Meh, I've never actually left England except for a couple of times to go to Ireland. Haven't ever been in a plane, either, so I doubt I could come to Ohio. x)
    In the summer? it's never either for a very long time but I suppose more of the time, it'll be shorts and a t-shirt I suppose. Jeans and hoodies are better though. :U
    He's so right tbh, we never get nice weather. Even in Summer it never lasts for very long. But at least it's not too hot or too cold.
    Holy crap, hope everything's alright. It's tame to the point of boring over here. As with the last several months, cold and wet today. ]:
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