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  • Yeah. Although it's not definite, I decided I needed special attack support and Psychic support. Reuniclus (Ranculus) is also a possibility, but since I don't know what version I'm getting yet I decided I'd just go with something a little more definite (although White is very likely now that I have Liligant and Braviary on my team, but that's besides the point).

    I may still go with Excadrill for Ground-type support and overall firepower, since Excadrill's apparently Lucario-esque in strength, but for now I'm leaning towards Musharna, whom I like more.
    He announced it in the last thread he made before he was banned. However, he told me personally over Msn a fairly long time beforehand.
    AlCario had an alt account named Magnets which he used to troll IGRMT with for a few months. He already trolled a lot on his main account anyway so both himself and his alt account were IP banned.
    Oh, right, lol. Yeah that was a little confusing. x)

    Eh, you can if you want to, although no real damage done. Idk how much the IGRMT mods check reports. I'd just say to delete your post so you don't get infracted for replying to spam.
    Well if you knew that it was a spambot that you were replying to then why didn't you just report it and move on instead? |:
    In that case, I'm impressed. You seem to know what you're talking about, to an extent. Although I'd suggest you give more feedback for people who rate your teams.

    As for the impoliteness thing, if you plan to stay in IGRMT for a while then you'd better get used to it. I guess I've been here the longest out of the regulars and I've seen much, much worse than that. :p
    Sir or Madam, please listen to his/her advice as it is for your own good. If you want a challenge, then why do you want a good team at all? Mister/Miss, we are only trying to help you make a good team. That's what raters are for.
    Well said.

    Incidentally, I have noticed that most of your posts are decent. Have you rated before you joined here?
    Thank you very much. What is wrong with my name?
    Nothing is wrong with your name, lol. It's awesome. ^^
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