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  • i am sorry but i had problems to go online and i cant trade today anymore . if you are still interested send me a pm to tell me when you can trade.
    Also I am interested in the following events and shiny Pokemon:

    My Pokemon Ranch:
    Phione UT Lv 50
    OT: Hayley ID: 01000
    Nature: Relaxed
    Characteristic: Strongly Defiant
    Moveset: Grass Knot/Rain Dance/Rest/Surf
    IV Spread:
    Notes: Obtained by me

    Buneary UT Lv 16
    OT: Hayley ID: 01000
    Nature: Mild
    Characteristic: Strongly Defiant
    Moveset: Charm/Foresight/Drain Punch/Quick Attack
    IV Spread:
    Notes: Obtained by me

    Zapdos UT Lv 50
    OT: BLUEMEW ID: 21954
    Nature: Modest
    Characteristic: Often dozes off
    Moveset: AncientPower/Charge/Agility/Discharge
    IV Spread: 31/31/31/31/31/31

    Articuno UT Lv 50
    OT: Sonya ID: 55985
    Nature: Bashful
    Characteristic: Somewhat Vain
    Moveset: AncientPower/Agility/Ice Beam/Reflect
    IV Spread: 30/22/24/10/31/24

    EDIT: I am willing to trade you the following events:
    USA Dragonite ♂ (English)
    Mild Capable of taking hits 11-8-2008 HP 151
    11088 Level 50 Inner Focus TRU

    USA Alakazam ♂ (English)**
    Brave Good endurance 9-16-2007 HP 164
    00010 Level 70 Synchronize 10 ANIV

    Also to have more posts for inventory you have to get a mod to do that for you.
    Well the event Pokemon I would allow for special shiny Pokemon requests are as follows:
    10th Anniversary Events
    Berry Glitch Fix Events
    Pokemon Box Events
    Toys R Us Events
    Pokemon Ranger Events
    Pokemon Battle Revolution Events
    GAMESTP Events
    Seasonal Events

    These would be about the only ones I would trade for shiny Pokemon. However depending on your choices I may require a few shiny Pokemon for one event.

    Also the choices aren't limited to just these there are some others I would have no problem trading, but those would require multiple shiny Pokemon. The only ones I would say to avoid are the NFT events and GOO events. Since all of the NFT events were personally requested to be listed as NFT and the GOO events are rare or very rare which is what GOO is for. I have all of the abbreviations listed on the first post of my shop for their meanings.

    I also have some other events that aren't listed on the shop yet, not many but there is few that aren't listed yet.

    If I would need to request a few more shiny Pokemon I can list those for you as well if you would like. I also have a load of regular egg move Pokemon (over 1 dozen) that I need shiny version RNG of. If you would like me to trade you some of these I could count those towards some of the events you would like.
    Okay I have figured out some more egg move Pokemon (all male again):
    1) Teddiursa (must be male): Fake Tears and Double-Edge
    2) Nosepass (must be male): Double-Edge, Explosion, Magnitude, and Rollout
    3) Spoink (must be male): Amnesia and Trick
    4) Cacnea (must be male): Low Kick and Dynamic Punch
    5) Igglybuff (must be male): Wish, Present, and Last Resort
    6) Cleffa (must be male): Amnesia, Belly Drum, Present, and Substitute
    7) Chatot (must be male): Encore and Nasty Plot
    8) Abra (must be male): Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Power Trick, and Thunder Punch

    Are you able to obtain these shiny egg move Pokemon?
    Okay sounds good then. If you are able to finish them by the this weekend I would be able to trade around our usual time.
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