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  • Okay I figured some more egg move Pokemon out:

    Custom Shiny Egg Moves:
    Snorlax: Fissure, Charm, and Double-Edge
    Sneasel: Double Hit, Ice Punch, and Crush Claw
    Horsea: Disable, Dragon Rage, and Signal Beam
    Skorupi: Agility, Faint Attack, and Slash

    Non-Custom Shiny Egg Moves:
    Paras with Cross Poison and Bug Bite
    Ekans with Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang and Thunder Fang
    Machop with Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch
    Poochyena with Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Poison Fang and Thunder Fang
    I will let you know once I figure out some other egg moves I am after.

    I just have to think about it and figure some more out is all.
    Okay I have figured out some other egg move Pokemon I would like, all of which are custom.

    1) Pineco: Toxic Spikes, Reflect, and Double Edge
    2) Mantyke: Mirror Coat and Signal Beam
    3) Kabuto: Icy Wind, Knock Off, and Confuse Ray
    4) Croagunk: Bullet Punch, Meditate, and Dynamic Punch

    Are you able to get these Pokemon?
    I will do that, but first I want to get some other things done first. Since school starts in next Monday, I don't want to start many other trades. Once I do have a time frame where I would be able to let you know what I would want and what you would like, but that have to probably be around Thanksgiving (around the of November) break or Christmas (around the end of December) break.
    No problem. If you see any other new shiny legendary Pokemon you would like from my shop let me know. However you would have to at least post it on my shop for what you are interested in. Then we can finish working it out via VM or PM if you would like.
    Okay sounds good then. I think have to leave and go back in, since I am having a problem with connecting. You also should probably delete my HeartGold friend too, since it could be getting those 2 confused.
    can you get me a shiny charmander? i will trade you a mewtwo for it or any of the legendary birds or phione. i seriously wnt 1
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