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    Hey man. I was on chat when you had your battle with Blaze. Don’t feel bad about being new to competitive battling. I’m as are other members of the clan... You may want to take some time to read the 1st post concerning the OU, UU and Uber Tiers and who’s in the. Also read the IV breeding and EV training section. These are very very helpful and will add you in getting better. Also ask your fellow clan mates for help in regards to breeding (I can help) team building and tutoring. As a show of good faith I am going to give you a jolly staru with egg moves on it and tell you how to train it. This process is LONG but the results are well worth it.
    There are a lot of good battlers here in Rebellion and we also have a lot of friends that are good also.
    If I see you on chat today I’ll give you the poke.


    Old Man
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