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  • Hello, I just made these wallpapers, feel free to use any.

    ** Note: The picture art of Genesect and Mewtwo are by ~Xous54 on deviant art.



    Oh in that case I'm not sure if you should bother. I'm still relatively new to photoshop and have no idea what C4D is, aside from seeing it around and hearing the name. Plus I'm running a macbook air, which overheats fairly easily so I haven't tried anything too convoluted.
    Yeah, did you use the images I provided? In the main menu select "Go Online" after your team has been selected, if it didn't save it wont let you go online
    Ok I couldn't find a tutorial so I made you one as simple as I could (Click the link to view the images)- Step 1 (Open Pokémon Online and go to Teambuilder Step 2 (Here you can Edit your profile, but the important part is in the right corner, click on the first Missigno Box there) Step 3 This is what the default looks like before selecting your pokemon. Step 4 Clicking on the ? Symbol brings up the Pokémon list like shown here, it has all the current Pokémon. Step 5 Here once you select a Pokémon you can check it stats, make it shiny by clicking the Shiny Box, and change it's forms if applicable. Step 6 Double Click on the Pokémon you want, all it's moves will be available for selection, here you can modify it's EV's, IV's, Gender, Ability, Level, Nature, Held Item, everything. Repeat for the next 5 Pokémon by clicking top banner where it say's "Slot 2" "Slot 3" and so on. Step 7 Once all 6 Pokémon have been chosen save your team and you are ready to go! PM/VM me if you still have questions!
    No worries; be sure to fill in the registration form for whichever clan you wish to join, and either me, Ace or Ghost of the Forums will sign you up :)
    Just to say; the Guild is finally open!

    Sadly though, nobody can make posts until Darkrai'sVoid has made the ghost sector post, and for Potatis/MrMuffin123 to make their tradeshop post. But after that, you'll be able to register as one of our official first members :)
    Same here, I've got my AS Level exams starting on the 13th of May, and they don't end until the 24th, so I'll either literally set up the clan right before then and take a leave of abstence, or just set it up straight afterwards.

    You don't have to do much as a member in all honesty; some people want to do art shops and others like writing fanfic; but others just like getting together and talking about anything. You don't even have to do that, just join as a member and spread the guild :D
    I'm glad you're enjoying yourself here Hadeel :)

    The clan I'm preparing is going to be very interesting if you'd like to join. It focuses on the pokemon Cresselia, Darkrai and Giratina, and the trainers Caitlain, Grimsley and Shauntal. The clan is all about bringing people together to discuss the anime, battle each other competitively, admire each other's art and just help connect each other.

    I'd love to bring new members such as yourself into it as it really helps for introductions to the forums. If you were interested, I'll write your name in a list and send you a pm of the clan story if you'd like :)
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