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  • Thanks a ton!! Feel free to come back anytime. c:
    Also did you need the proof that goes along with all those?
    Cool! I'm gathering the Pokemon and will be ready in a sec.
    Probably not? It's in my profile.
    Good morning! I will be around from 10 AM (hour and a half from now for me) and should be ready to trade then! Note that I have an event in the afternoon however so I'll have to be out by 12:30 or so.
    thanks so much for the trades! Helps alot when people can clone for me! thanks a bunch!
    thanks for the trade!

    I will be back in a couple minutes for the clones back!
    hey there sorry again for such a long reply I was pretty busy this week but I have chosen out 11 of events from your list for the 11 from my list. PM me or VM me when you want to trade! I will be on for a few more hours tonight but tomorrow probably won't be a good time.

    I posted what I want from you in my trade shop!
    I can trade now if you can and I need a clone back of the 4 I'm trading to you + my hoopa
    Hello again. I now have what youre looking for I think:
    -250 Pokémon Center Kyoto Ho-Oh PCキョウト 03166 Lvl 50 JAP

    (I also have -Shiny Magicarp Pokémon Centre Nagoya - Reopening Gift, if you are interested. I cant seem to find it in your event list)

    I'm interested in any of these:
    350 Champion Generations - Wallace's Milotic ミクリ 09164 Lvl 58 JPN
    376 Champion Generations - Steven's Metagross ダイゴ 11212 Lvl 58 JPN
    442 Champion Generations - Cynthia's Spiritomb シロナ 09286 Lvl 61 JPN
    149 Champion Generations - Lance's Dragonite ワタル 11219 Lvl 50 JPN

    (and I have the Birthday Sylveon ポケセン♪ Lvl 10 JAP but the older 2013 one sadly )
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