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  • Again? Jeez. You might take TBR's suggestion and switch back to Manectric as the TrickScarf lead. Latios can use the ground attacks to set up on. He gets T-Wave, Flash, and he can have a filler option in the last slot.
    I start with Timid LOMie, then SDChomp, then Weavile to finish. Standard as hell.
    I am gonna get a huge harvest of grapes in farmville....so I won't be on for some time.I will be back in half an hour,so don't complain if my correspondence lags a bit
    Well, I'd say go with Cute Charm. TrickScarf only works effectively because the user gets a speed boost on the first turn. This is especially important for fairly frail TrickScarfers like Lopunny. So Klutz as the ability won't do.
    Also, I'd go with Sweet Kiss, for confusion over Fake Out.
    You said that you were hoping I would beat his record. I'm just saying that I don't really care either way.
    I don't really have any interest in beating V4E. I'm as strong as I am. My only goal is and has always been to become stronger at whatever I do. Beating him has no bearing on that goal. That's all there is to it.
    I could overthrow it. I miscalculated, but I could still go farther.
    The funny thing is, I faced a very similar situation before, and I won it. This time, I lost. It happens.
    I had thought it was nearly impossible during the first 100, but after 170 or so, I started to have problems. Finally caught up to me in battle 199.
    946 Latias is the lead, and two DM's are all it takes to KO Spiritomb, but I managed to Trick the Scarf, and I used Articuno to KO. Then 780 Foretress comes out. I switch to Swampert, the damn thing explodes. I switch Articuno back in, and what should come out but 851 Aerodactyl? One Stone Edge, and I'm done. That was ridiculous.
    Errr... happy new decade to you too... but I still have around 11 and a half hours xD

    That's good... don't worry, sometimes I do that too xD
    Happy new decade to you, too!

    If you could be one non-legendary Pokemon, what would it be?
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