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  • Well it does come at a trade off. We get three hours of homework every night, and nine hours over the weekend. It sucks to high heaven.

    BTW, I rated your team. It was pretty good, to be quite honest.
    It's not all bad, I'd have homework every night otherwise. With a term paper, at least we get time in class to do it.
    Of course. I might post a new chapter of Opal's Shadow beforehand, so you could be hearing from me again first.
    :) Cool, somebody else I know in IGRMT. I'm one of the better remaining raters there, so if you need help, feel free to ask.
    Oh. I'm sick of school. And I'm temporarily leaving Serebii because of it.
    Good job doing your essay :)
    That sounds pretty tough. Hope it works out for you.
    BTW, why were you reading the IGRMT guide? Thinking of posting there?
    I agree school is a whaste of time, I think that's what you meant, anyway.
    Elocution? Huh?
    Good luck with your essay.
    CCE? What's that?
    I really couldn't care less about the football team, they can go to hell. I'm in the band, so I wanted the season to end. I may not be able to review your chapter this time b/c I have a music lesson tonight, and an audition tomarrow. I'll really try tho, and I'm sorry.
    Abandon the forums?! Never!
    Yeah, I had a football match to attend. Don't worry, the season ended since we lost, so I'm not going to any more.
    Yep, it was pretty cool. I don't have much to say, since it's mostly from the opening of PMD2. I have my own PMD2 fic on FF.net, so you can bet I'll be reading yours.
    Sorry Hail, I just haven't had much time lately, I've had a football game to be at for the Band, then State Contest all day today, which I just got home from. I'll review by the time I get off today, promise.
    Good,you are getting more reviews for the fanfic.

    Heed Eon Master's advice on longer chapters.How many pages are you doing on MS Word right now?
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