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  • I really got to ask this question; compared to WHAT is America SO bad?! Yeah America’s not perfect, NO country is, yet OVERALL I think it’s safe to say America has the best track record. Canada can’t do anything; they’ve sacrificed themselves at the altar of social justice. The only countries that could really lead the world, IMO, are America, China, or Russia.

    Please explain where I’m apparently not looking at his right, cause imo, the milennials who will come to power in 15-20 years time, are the biggest threat we face. I forget exactly who said it, but someone once said if America were to fall it would be from within. These people who scream resist trump until their blue in the face, the people who tear up public property in “protest”, the media trying to shut down opposition to their narrative; those are the threats to America, not North Korea or terrorists, or whatever. Those programs u talked about won’t go away or reverse; at most, they simply stop growing for awhile but they don’t get cut in anyway. Yes I know we have a huge defense budget; America is expected to be the world police after all (seriously, have we learned nothing as a society from South Park?) which is why u don’t need to worry about wat breaking out. Trump may get the final say, but he has plenty of generals and other specialists who will offer their advice too; he’s not just sitting in the war room alone with a stank face. Besides, given the vast majority of people’s opinions on nukes (which is that they can NEVER be used anywhere anytime for any reason, yet we stockpile thousands of nuclear weapaons for some reason), nuclear war will never happen.
    So sorry for the late reply, but with my first therapy session, the doc concluded my biggest problem (not surprisingly) is lack of confidence/self esteem. He tasked me with coming up with a list of positives and negatives in my life which I assume then we’ll go over one by one, but like I figured, due to xmas and New Years, my next appt isn’t until jan 9, so I have some time to work on said list.

    But that just proves my point how soft we are as a society now; that while people in other parts of the world have to cling to life, they whine cause they don’t have the latest trend. Describe to me though what your referring to cause we’re clearly on 2 different wavelengths.

    Britain is just bluffing, and trump will easily call their bluff. Like u said, the world is so intertwined that u can’t really isolate countries anymore. And given how dependent our allies are on our assistance to them,they can’t really afford to leave America out of the loop.

    Yep, the private company argument; that because private companies aren’t the government (despite holding more power over people than the govt does), they can do whatever they want to you. I don’t think he should’ve been fored for it, neither should the lady who flipped off trumps motorcade. I know all too well about “at-will†employment; it’s the sword of Damocles that all businesses hold over the heads of their employees. It’s not quite a monopoly as much as it is an oligopoly; google, amazon, Facebook, and twitter, all 4 can be tied directly or indirectly to about 99.9% of the web, and anything that comes along that might pose a threat to them, they’ll just buy out (like how a few years ago twitch began to emerge as a competition to YouTube, but amazon I think, bought twitch out keeping YouTube the top dog). The bigeest problem really is they all work together indirectly, to ensure no one can challenge their system. Not unlike phone companies and banks have done for decades prior.
    It is absolutely that we are soft; have you not paid attention to my rants on millennials? We’re at a point where the baby boomers are getting ready to pass the torch to gen x, and about 15-20 years after that gen x will need to pass it. When gen x passes the torch, they need to go right for gen z, skip the millennials, do not pass go, do not collect $200, cause our generation is a lost cause. Now they’re is a bit of callousness here, but that’s only cause whiny snowflakes are running around throwing a tantrum unchallenged; the moment they face adversity, they will fold immediately. Thy can’t even process the idea that someone MIGHT think differently from them. But it does stretch upwards a bit to the elite; hence this whole “resistance” thing; yes just because trump won and Hillary lost, they think America magically transformed into a dictatorship where they have to live underground and eat rat carcasses to survive, cause trump has people out and about 24/7 to hunt them down, which u know trump couldn’t do that even if he wanted to. But I digress; if North Korea did launch a nuke at us, people nowadays wouldn’t know what to do, unlike in the past when Pearl Harbor was hit, people lined up by the millions to fight and those who couldn’t fight still gave whatever they could to help. Now? People would flee to Canada and even Mexico and do all they can to avoid having to fight/ give up anything they have. Not that we’d have to rations things like in wwII, but times would still be tough for awhile and people wouldn’t know how to cope.
    So what if trump is not so pc? Our allies won’t stop being our allies nor will our enemies stop being our enemies just cause trump says something. Of course they though he would lose; from the moment Hillary announced she was running, all the media and all of Hollywood proclaimed her the next president. All the polls had her at 110% chance of winning, heck even right leaning outlets were saying it’s not could Hillary win, it was how much she was gonna win by. It really was supposed to be a coronation with th election just being a formality set up to make it look like she to beat impossible odds, even though the fix was in from the beginning. But she’ll be back; the Clintons ALWAYS come back. Oh, no google is very political; on YouTube you’ll see people talking about videos that go against the lefts narrative being either demonetized, or outright removed. They were even caught talking about setting up algorithms so that right leaning news pops up very rarely, i at all at the top of news searches. And then there James demore; google employee fired his “manifesto” on women in stem fields when he simply said why he feels there aren’t as many women in stem as there could be. Yes google is a business, but they become of of those “too big to fail” businesses, that I guarantee would get bailed out if they ever ran into trouble.

    I don’t think China would want America to collapse; China just wants to be number 1, so if America takes a tumble to number 2, and China becomes the new world leader, they’d be happy with that;America would still exist, but China would get to exude the most influence.
    I know. I’m just point ing out in sim games there’s no real ending. I can only hope it does. I’ll let u know how the first session goes.

    I have around $4800. Not to me. Losing a limb or a near death experience are actual problems; being called a snowflake or not getting the newest smartphone model is not. If the latter is really the biggest problem in your life, your golden, yet way too many treat it as living under Nazi germany.

    Not really. When I left the electric company, people were sad to see me go, even though I barely spoke to anyone, and even when I did I was usually snarky/sarcastic, why would someone miss that? Not to mention the supervisor lady started crying as I went up to turn in my work id, just making it more awkward than sad. What we should do is try to help unlearn the learned helplessness and if it don’t work we can at least say we tried before cutting them off, same with those who just don’t care.
    Lots of Presidents talk about how they’re gonna do things but then never do; Reagan want to abolish the dept of education, yet despite having basically 3 terms to do it (him winning twice then bush 41 immediately afterward), it never happened. The thing with trump is he’s not pc like many presidents of the last 40 years have been, and also he talks in a very grandiose fashion, again unlike most presidents. How as a said before, elections are picking lesser of 2 evils, and there is no greater evil in American politics than Hillary Clinton. Many of the votes for trump wasn’t even so much a vote FOR trump as it was AGAINST Hillary. It doesn’t matter what happens with net neutrality; google basically is the internet at this point, and they will shut u up if you don’t toe their line, and google is arguably more powerful than the govt (mainly due to their being no laws restricting a corporation from silencing someone unlike govt), so google would be much worse in that regard.

    Yeah but given America’s military is larger than all our allies combined, their assistance is mainly just for show. If America went down, China would swoop in immediately to fill the vacuum of power that would be created and they’d be the new superpower of the earth. I mean they kind of already are, They’re just waiting for America to let it’s guard down so they can become number 1.
    No one is too powerful to touch; they get away with it because we let them get away with it. even if taking hem down would’ve wrecked the economy worse, it still should’ve been done if we really are have a justice system in America. That’s why Hillary Clinton is running free even though she should’ve gotten the electric chair decades ago. So people like Sean Hannity are right when they talk about the 2-tiered justice system; one for the elite and one for everyone else, yet gets called a conspiracy but when he talks about it. This is one of the biggest problems with America; we’ve become soft as a country. We’ve lost our backbone so elite people are allowed to run roughshod over us cause the alternative of actually applying justice would be tougher, and we can’t have that cause we’re so soft we can’t accept that many would unfortunately die in the process when that’s just the name of the game. This is what trump means by “make America great againâ€; building up our resolve as a country which in the past was unbreakable, yet now (especially looking at the snowflakes who’ll be running things in 15-20 years), it’s become so weak that even a slight breeze causes it to fold immediately.

    So therapy is like animal crossing them; you don’t “win†u just keep going til u feel you’ve done all u can. Which if my history with animal crossing is anything to go off will probably be 6-10 weeksthen. But I did go to my doctor who gave me a list to check out and I manage to get an appointment withsomeone next Monday, which surprised me given Xmas and New Years is coming up I figured I would be able to get something until after New Years, but this first meeting will probably just be seeing about covering costs with my insurance. Regardless I’m sure that makes u happy.
    Probably a bit of both, but Anita is apparently one of those people who blocks anyone who criticizes her( even constructive criticism), so who knows. Ya she’s not the face of feminism but she is trying to set herself up as a feminist icon, which if you think back on powerful and inspirational women in the past, Anita is a defenitely lowering of the bar compared to the likes of Joan of Arc or cleopatra.

    Even though I live with my mom who doesn’t charge me rent (at least not yet), I still live paycheck to paycheck trying to save as much as I can for student loans. I don’t understand how that can be. There’s genuine pripblems like war, crime, homelessness, then there’s the first world problems; the difference is night and day. Yet we worry about small things cause we (meaning humanity) are a bunch of idiots with too much time on our hands. In my case though I would absolutely wipe Pokémon from my history if I could. It’s caused nothing but trouble for me. The other day I even began contemplating getting a team rocket R tattoo somewhere on my back, as a way to mark myself forever as damaged goods. Fortunately I’m tight on cash and will be for awhile, but I can denfeitely see myself doing that if I ever cover all my debts.

    I guess I just have no empathy for people like u do; I just can’t feel for people in these situations. Yes I’m well aware of the irony that despite social media letting us connect to anyone anywhere anytime, we’re more isolated than ever. That’s called karma for thinking we can perfect the human condition. The truth is we’re just fancy gorillas who think we’ve evolved beyond animal instincts, but we haven’t and never will. In nature it’s survival of the fittest, but for humans we can’t seem to accept that seeing as how we try to save every single solitary life form there is, even if it has a 0% chance of survival. And with how long some people and even while families have been getting assistance like this, they’ve reached the 0%survival point.
    I’ll try but without being able to list the specific reason going in I don’t know how much a therapist can help if they don’t know what I’m there for. I know therapy would be rough; I don’t expect to clear it in like 6 weeks or anything. It’ll take months, possibly years to get to the bottom of these issuesif it’s even possible to do so which I’m not entirely sure it is.

    These things didn’t begin with trump, nor are they gonna end with him either; human nature is much bigger than any one person or group. but I personally feel like Pandora’s box has been opened and now this is gonna be the new normal from here on out. The wackjobs keep screeching buzzwords like white cis-hetero- normative patriarchal oppression to the point the worlds have lost all meaning; complaint about the evils of America when they don’t even know how good they have it, yet insisting they must fight for their freedom, when the fact that u can say these types of things and not be arrested for it means your ALREADY free. When trump won last November, it felt amazing, and I figured once the hoopla died down and people gave the Donald a chance to do his thing, people would realize he’s not evil; dumb perhaps, but not evil. Yet more than a year later, the hysteria is only building and will continue to build as long as trump is president. America will destroy itself from the inside of this level of animosity is allowed for the next 3 (7) years.
    The Middle East is a lost cause, we really should just let the countries there destroy themselves and then finish off the last one standing. I’m well aware of Japan’s reconstruction after wwii; Japan basically became property of America after the war and we set all these rules as to what they can and can’t do. The difference is we have to help other countries when they need help, yet if America needed help, they would be unwilling or unable to do so; America is like the big brother who protects his younger siblings (aka our allies) from bullies (China, North Korea, isis to name a few). Yes, the same Anita who tried to bring down the gaming industry, the same Anita who went to the UN in hopes of getting them to silence her critics; the same Anita who said “EVERYTHING is racist, EVERYTHING is sexist, EVERYTHING is homophobic, and you have to point. it. all. out.†(Spoiler; it’s not and you don’t) yes that one. Way to lower the bar for feminism if she’s gonna be the new face for it.
    Oh, it’s defenitely true, especially for those who live paycheck to paycheck. Things like shipping angst and whatever my problems are are what would be considered “first-world problemsâ€; things that in the grand scheme are not actual problems, but we worry anyway cause we don’t know better. Tell me, if u could go back in time and undo whatever caused your shipping angst (assuming it’s nit just hardwired into you), would you do it? I know if I could tell my 10 year old self not to get into Pokémon I absolutely would. I know it’s likely just makin a mountain of it if a molehill, but I can’t shake it even though I know it’s far from the worst thing that could happen.

    But at some point you gotta just cut your losses and move on. Unfortunately in America we simply can’t allow natural selection to happen, and even suggesting something like that makes you look insane. I mean, I AM insane, but not for thinking that some people should be allowed to die off.

    That’s the idea behind “America firstâ€; we’ve spent so much time trying to help other counrites and their problems that we’ve forgotten to take care of our own problems and let them grow. With the 2008 crisis, has we paid more attention to our own problems more people would’ve been aware of the pending crash and could’ve prevented it or at least minimized the damage from it, but no, America focusing on itself is selfish apparently.
    Our allies gained more though, considering when it comes to countries like Japan South Korea and Israel, if America didn’t have their backs, none of them would exist anymore. Yeah I’m well aware ww2 ended the Great Depression and opens the door for women in teh workforce since all the men went off to fight, yet for some reason, instead of women nowadays aspiring to be like Rosie the riveter, well.......Anita sarkessian.

    I dunno how I’m supposed to explain it though when the therapist asks why I’m there in the first place, and I can’t explain my situation how is the therapist supposed to help me? That’s my main concern. Apparently something is wrong but I dunno how to explain it. But since I can still get by, is it even that big an issue? So how would you phrase my situation/problems in its simplest terms? Or in a way I could tell a therapist why I think I need their help?
    Well the thing is, if your right wing or even just not fully assimllatwd to the hive mind that is social justice, you DO get shunned; it was trump signs getting vandalized during the election, it’s peole wearing MAGA hats that get assaulted, its YouTube channels going agaianst the Narrative that are being demonetized at best and being outright removed at worst; I would highly check out youtubers like Sargon of Akkad or roaming millennial since they go into this kind of stuff in way more detail than I could. it’s right wing speakers who get shut down cause someone’s feelings Might get hurt over the mere idea of someone having a different opinion. If u look at Hollywood for example, singers like Katy Perry have made their stances known, while Taylor Swift is hounded for staying neutral in the current political climate, though the fact she hasn’t said anything imo means she’s likely pro trump (or at least not anti trump), but won’t talk about it cause if she does her career will be over.

    The number one worry in peoples lives is money. I know it’s what I worry about. And beyond that my main concern is just staying hidden from the world for the rest of my life, which of my predictions are correct, will be roughly 25-30 years. Ya I don’t see myself making it much beyond 60. My mom didn’t kick me out, but until about 25 years ago, once you hit 18 you were basically on your own, and sort of learned how to be an adult under desperation. We can debate all day if that attitude really was the best, but given it’s been the norm for a long time, going outside it is rough. But thinking about how when my mom was 30, she was married had a house and at least 3 kids, all of which would be impossible to have by today’s standards, it really makes u feel like your falling behind.
    But most are powerless. Taking care of the basic needs of food and shelter are hard enough, moving beyond that is near impossible at this point. I dunno ; I don’t have all the answers, no one person does, just thinking about this makes me uneasy, given how close we’ve come to falling over the edge in the last 10-12 years. I guess my main argument is there are some who simply don’t want to get out of poverty, so what do we do about those cases? As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but u can’t make it drink, and despite all that’s offered to help people avoid poverty or help them out if they’re already there, some simply give up on the idea they can get out, yet we insist on trying to help those too.

    History itself is complicated; we can’t even fully agree on how certain things happened even in instances with documentation. The ideals u talk about aren’t exclusively American though, nor are the injustices snowflakes harp incessantly about. Yet if u listen to the snowflakes, you’d think America was the only country in history to ever have problems like slavery, or the 100000 -isms and phobias they throw around. These problems have always existed throughout human history, and to an extent, always will. Not saying that things like racism or sexism should be accepted, but stomping it out 100% is IMO impossible. So long as people have free will, these types of things will exist, even if only in a small scale.
    Uh, you’ve never seen my house; if u did I feel you’d hate me afterwards; I’d imagine you’d say “wait, u have anxiety and depression, and u live HERE?! I’d kill to live in a place like this!!” The only reason I live where I do is my mom never bothered to kick me out, which some days I feel like she should have.

    Even with foreign aid of being that much, it does cost a lot to keep soldiers all over the word; heck we’ve mad military over in Japan since the end of ww2, cause after America basically castrated their defense force following the nd of the war, Japan wouldn’t be able to defend itself without us. Not to mention the support to Israel, which will forever be stuck in war, same with most of the Middle East where we’ve had troops on and off for decades, and then after 9/11 we’ve had them there ever since. I think that’s part of why there was a bit of surplus under Bill Clinton; cause there was no “great threat” looming over head when he was president, which there was ww2, then from the end of ww2 to the late 80s was the Cold War with Russia, and following 9/11 was radical Islamic terrorism. If we could reduce military spending, America wouldn’t have to worry about the debt bubble bursting someday, but like everything else, nothing we can do about it.
    I hear what your saying, but in truth, I dunno what to say to a therapist if I went to one. I mean, thinking about my life, I have a roof over my head, I have food to eat, I have tons of video games to waste time on; basically all my needs are met, so I don’t see how therapy can do anything for me. I don’t even know why I panic the way I do considering. Now with my pills I don’t have panic attacks or the sort anymore, but my mind is still always racing a mile a minute for some reason. Even with more pills or stronger variety of them I dunno how that could stop it. Even if I’m not anxious or depressed about something my mind just doesn’t stop; it’s always jumping from one thing to another. Really the only goal I see in my life I could still achieve would be starting a let’s play channel online. Not that I think I could be the next pewdiepie or anything; just something I want to do.

    Even so, it’s still not possible to help every single person with every single issue they have. I know your saying that’s not the point of govt assistance, but plenty of people end up dependent on it. Even if most on welfare work part time, they’re never encouraged to move up the ladder or seek full time employment cause then they’d lose their benefits. Yes helping people find better jobs or higher paying ones is nice, but it’ll never happen; welfare is just one of many political footballs thrown around for the sake of votes, and thus will never be fully resolved.
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