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  • /BROFIST. Well, I guess I'm.. wordless then? And don't even try to deny it, gramps.

    Pfft, excuses. You made me cry myself to sleep every ni-.. I mean, I missed you. >:
    Hey halc, long time mate. What are you up to (pkmn and/or life)? I havent chained in ages - i get nostalgia now from thinking about it haha. BTW are you australian? ^_^ I forget. NS
    all right i'm going online now... I'm still supposed to have the right friend code, am i?
    Oh, and will we trade the jirachi too?
    I just did some rough calcs.

    No SD should 2HKO max Def Shuckle.

    2 SDs does 102.5%+ damage.

    Lol, evil. If I baton pass SD to it, itl be lethal. Especialy if I pass a sub too.

    Revenge will be sweet :D

    God, I nearly got beat by a power trick Shuckle. Im glad Spiritomb is so sloooow..... :D

    Thanks, il go EV this now. :)
    0 EV Scizor stats :


    Atk is nasty.

    With a Life Orb or Choice band, thats gonna hurt.
    Stats :

    IVs :

    Hidden power 70 Electric.


    Thanks a ton :)

    Now to see predicted Scizor stats... :p

    Hatched in the Battle Frontier :D

    I cant wait to hatch one in the Distortion world. :p

    Il leap on for IV check now :)

    Thanks :)
    Im hatching it now.

    I need a new Magcargo. Why the hell did I trade the only Magma Armor pokemon I had?

    A Torchic would be nice yeah, nature, shine etc dont matter.

    If it gets egg moves, id lov a male though :p

    Yeah, il trade one now and il hold onto the other if you want.

    Im on with your plat FC.

    Thanks again :)

    Il get a couple of junks, and jump online with your TMs :)

    Can I have a quick IV after I hatch it??

    Just to make sure its not a problem with my copy. Plat is glitchy as hell. :eek:
    Heh, yeah. I can imagine. The old dude hisself turns round, so that'd screw it up anyway.

    Wow, lol at SpAtk :D

    I thought it all reset upon trade. I could swear I natured an egg, checked it, traded it, then found it wasnt the same nature...
    Yup, sounds cheap and lethal to me ;)

    Yeah, I know how it works. Just goes to show that random + computers doesnt happen yet.

    Thanks, and good luck getting a seed of less than 500. Actually, how tolerant are you to the seed?

    Il probably do it occasionaly when I get a new PC and find a random shiny. (Im not ARing my SID). Shame I traded my only random shiny. :(

    Thanks again :)
    Bullet Punch means speed is unnececery.

    And Scizor is resistant to all Priority moves, so max HP and perfect Def and SpDef IVs should be enough to survive any wall's attacks.

    Im gonna be cheap as hell. Revenge is sweet >:D

    Atk boosting, SpAtk reducing nature please :)

    Its gotta have the technition ability too.

    Thanks a ton, il try getting a nickname before you trade :)
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