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  • Eh. Doesn't really matter to me. But I'll prolly just go catch one in the FS since I don't wanna pull my MM hunt out atm. ^^
    I'll give it to ya free of charge. :3
    ...Not interested in Telepathy Noibat? Urm. In my signature, sorry I am just so out of it right now. Haha. I do have access to ditto safari, just haven't been online at same time to have it unlocked. I'll add you when I'm not so deadofied. Haha. Urm. I have rock, Pupitar, Barbacle, and I can't remember the third. ^^;
    I havne't been playing enough in the FS to find 'em. Man, I'm jelly. You have access to a ditto safari. I have someone registered, but they're never online. D:
    And I think I have telepathy noibat.
    I uh...still don't know how to do a lot on here. Haha. So I can't see your signature. Sounds like you're doing well though. ^^ I know, I was trying to catch a male bulletproof Quilladin....and got a Shiny female. XDDD But I need to get back to collecting stuff. I'm so jelly. Haha.
    Hey, long time no talk. :D
    I'm doing well-ish. My current job is a rotating swing shift with mandatory overtime, so it's been rough. In terms of DWFs? Urm. I was only collecting whatever ones are new/6th gen since when Bank comes out, I can just breed on Black and transfer that way. But finding the right FS and same trading times...are hard. Also breeding for shiny Furfrou. :3
    How have you been? And how's your list? :3
    So, I read in the Winter Friendly thread that you use a non-Legendary team and have an Eelektross? Was it a Trick Room team with a Chandelure, Rampardos, and Hariyama by any chance?

    If so, I may have battled you...twice. My team included Darmanitan, Cradily, Zoroark, and Gengar. Can't remember exactly what I used, to be honest.
    I was wondering if yo could teach my Honchkrow Superpower+Heatwave on Pokemon black2/white2

    I have alot of Pokemon to offer in ev'd, shiny, and events :)
    Thank you for the trades
    If there's anything else you're interested in anything else don't hesitate to ask :]
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