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  • Really well there is quite a lot to watch considering the original naruto had over 100 episodes and naruto shippuden has 272 episodes and counting. There are 2 new naruto shipuden episodes coming on tomorrow so that makes it 274. You have quite a bit of naruto to catch up on my friend. I would recommend the sites narutoget.com, crunchyroll.com( the downside of this site is that many pesky ads come on while you are watchi g) and some other sites that can be found on google so just search them up and you will find many good sites easily.
    I never thought about that because i dont like pausing what im watching but that could work. Thanks a lot. The part i like about google translate is that it tells you how to say it as well.
    It's fine. The way I learn Japanese is through anime. Go watch a subbed anime, and listen to what they say, then look at the subtitle. It's like translating, sort of.
    Oh well you know i have wanted to learn japanese for a long time but nobody that lives by me knows japanese. So do you think you could teach me a litlle japanese on here sometimes. But you should know that my tablet cant write in japanese.
    Senpai doesn't mean the same thing as sensei. Sensei = teacher, master, you got that right. Senpai can mean a classmate/friend. It can also mean senior, which I think is what you thought. But it really doesn't matter, almost no one speaks Japanese where I live, and my friend Hydri doesn't really know another language, and doesn't really care what senpai means. Classmate can also be クラスメート, friend = 友人, and I could have called Hydri Hydriさん, or Hydriちゃん, but it really doesn't matter to me, or Hydri, for that matter. And know I'm not Japanese.
    It's okay with you asking.
    Hey dude. Sorry I didnt get your messages its been a hell of a busy weekend for me :(! If you're still interested any starters you need are yours :)
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