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  • Seeing as we're both fellow Dispraxics, I do not see the problem of being buddies (if you're cool with that)?
    Your not allowed to post in threads that haven't been posted in at least a year.
    Yeah Pleasure is kinda overrated just because its nothing but speed based and Mille's voice gets annoying and there isn't enough variety. I loved Extreme Aggression as well. Who are your favorite bands of all time?
    Here's a couple tracks for you to listen to by Tech N9ne. All different styles with old and new.

    His newer stuff featuring Hopsin and B.o.B which I mentioned them both.

    Here's a nice little verse he was suppose to do but it never got released. This shows him skills rapping fast

    And here's some of his older tracks.

    You don't gotta listen to them it's just something to listen to on free time or somethin.
    There was only 3 in the playlist that would play after that I couldn't go on.

    Tech N9ne's one of those rappers that changes his style through his album and that's why I like him. He's Tech N9ne for a reason.

    What you think of this? He's probably the best rapper out now. He's one of the few rappers that can completely change his voice and still flow. He can rap really fast and still flow. He's probably one of the most know rappers and underground. This is what I was trying to explain about underground, they are very well known even if they don't get radio time.
    Okay, first of all I am going to thank you for being extremely reasonable. I was just being, as Chaotic Tyrant said, very defensive. I am usually like this when I feel undermined. I now know that you did not intend it in that way at all, so I am sorry for believing that you did.

    I ran with the notion of genres in order to point out the fact that for me, music doesn't have a genre. Essentially I was using the idea of genres to explain why they needn't exist, as I believe that they are just constructs that aid people in seperating things; and nothing more. To me a piece of music doesn't sound 'classical' or 'electronic', it sounds good or bad. My dressing up of the comment is essentially me trying to explain what my intentions were.

    I posted a really long winded explanation about the logical flaws in the argument, and have deleted it. I was going more than over the top with the discussion. But I've studied Philosophy of Art and have pretty strong opinions on this subject, so perhaps I should have toned them down slightly. I basically didn't accept the jump from defining a genre to accepting that means one must exist. For me music is no different than any other form of art, I for instance love the artistic movement of Romanticism; but that is just me playing by the rules of genres, as that is what people do. I appreciate that type of art because it is good, not because it conforms to some form of criteria that makes it a certain genre.

    Okay, that's fine. I respect anyone who sticks to their guns, and that is certainly what Chaotic Tyrant did.

    Once again, I have to say that I am sorry for being so sensitive about this. I wasn't trying to be so defensive, but after leaving and coming back to the thread I can see that is what I was actually doing. I'm sorry for reacting like I did, and making this a potential issue. I really believe that you know a lot about music, I just took the thread from a different angle I guess.
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