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  • Haha being slightly geek is fine me. I will take your advice and I'll check put reviews, GCSE notes, history of genres etc. The reasons I ask is because I often talk about bands/albums/songs frequently and it would be nice if I could go into more detail. Thanks for your advice and kind words. It is very much appreciated :)
    So, I'm going to come off as a childish but how did you learn so much about music? As in, the production, the melodies and techinical stuff etc. I myself love music too and it's something I would love to study/learn more about. Have you got any advice on that sort of thing? Sorry if I bothered you haha
    Ok, so you outargumented me, i accept defeat :) It certainly shows that you know a lot more about music than I do, and I find it interesting to learn new things each day, especially if they are about somerhing I love like heavy Metal. I never knew Iron Maiden hated punk/was too lazy to find out ;).
    But anyway, what I find so punkish about Running free? Well it's the overall rebellious feel the song has to it, It's about a young man who "runs free", is letting loose of his previous principles, and just starts a new life, with his own principles. The drumbeat at the beginning just adds to the punk rock atmosphere, plus the relatively simple song structure is another factor.

    An the Ozzy thing; well I hold on to that, because he probably knows best what his music is, and what not. Yes it sounds like i'm someone who doesn't have an own opinion, but i'm still young you know? I have more than enough time to think about things. And i'm not into music structure, so I don't really know what experts consider to be metal, and what not. I mean my knowledge in that domain is pretty basic... But you hqve to give Ozzy credit for his long lasting music carrer: after all he made music his life, edpecially metal, so I think he should by now know.

    And please don't think that i'm a coward for posting this to your profile only, i will also post it to the thread, because i want to be an honest "loser" ;)
    yay at least I know someone who's a fan of both metal in some element and prog rock as well. I'm really getting into Genesis at the moment, but I only have 'Selling England by the Pound'. Firth of Fifth is one of my fave songs. Could you recommend another for me to get next, by any chance? :)
    I am, and we have Chris Bent as a mutual friend apparently, but I only use it to keep in touch with my friends so I don't really add people. I had a check on yours but I don't recognise you, though that's not saying much since I have the visual acuity of a naked mole rat. Also the girth.
    http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=777182576 This is my mug for if you recognise it. It is pretty weird that so many people in Leigh know how to use a computer.
    I'm pretty close to lilford, and yeah I went to Winstanley. Look I'm sorry to say this but I think that you might actually just be a clone that's been set up in a similar way to me for the entertainment of the rich. Do try to stay upbeat though...
    As much as I like them I do agree. In 20 or so years no-one'll be like: OMG listen to this old band, Paramore - they're amazing. But I like them right now so it's ok ;D
    You said you wanted good rock bands that had formed in the past 5-10 years. Paramore, I can guarantee you've heard/listened to them but they are good :)
    Let's not derail the new thread. =p

    Anyways, the rule is here:
    4. Don't post in topics that are a month old

    Stickied threads and special cases such as posting Fan Fiction are exceptions to this
    From the main rules thread. It's a typical standard for many large forums as well.
    Hey man, I checked out your music in your sig and it's pretty cool I must say. I think my favourite of the three was II.

    I look forward to hearing more of your stuff. :3
    I've no problem with them being completely legal, if I had problems with things like that then I probably wouldn't be able to find a lot of the music I do.

    I really wish I could say I do that, since I don't like not supporting the artist, but unfortunately I'm both broke and not around any good places to find CDs.

    But thanks.
    Hey I'm sorry to bother you, but I was looking through the metalheads thread here and you posted a link to a blog called The Course of Darkness back in 08 where someone could download Overkill; just wondering because I'm having a bit of trouble navigating around the site, are the downloads free? I'd presume not but I figured it was worth checking with someone.

    Sorry to have wasted your time on this.
    Good sir, your link to your last.fm seems to be le ****ed up, anychance pointing me to it to see what you have in your library? Mostly see what other people find interesting in their libraries and what they think of certain music.
    It's like Pink Floyd, only I don't want to burn a government institution after listening
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