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  • Hey, not sure if my message went through because it wasn't in my sent box but my Ho-Oh is LVL 52 with no EV training yet and these stats:

    HP 187
    ATK 152
    Def 118
    Sp. Atk 112
    Sp. Def 175
    Speed 110

    I think the HP IV is a solid 30 and 23 at DEF but I don't IV breed much so I'm not sure. BTW its from England and legit from Heart Gold. I can EV train it for you.
    Hello! I saw your post in the HA trade thread and i am in need of a HA torchic offspring. Dive ball female would be nice however I'm mostly after the HA. I don't recall seeing that I had anything you need right off the bat; however, here's my trade thread
    . Please let me know if you see anything interesting I would love to trade for the offspring. Cloning doesn't bother me if you are only interesting in trading the event.
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