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  • >"They just wanted to make money"

    You would think that's the entire point of a business while satisfying consumers, but okay, I gotchya.
    You can call it that, but the company considers it a remake - no amount of what you think will change that, I'm afraid.
    Which is essentially what a remake is - a re-release with quite a number of optimized features, a port would have been pretty much the same game with minor touch ups to it (See: Twilight Princess for the Wii or pretty much every portable Ridge Racer).
    ...There isn't really much to add since the whole point was to introduce the game to newer players who weren't around to play the original version. If you played it before, then you would generally find it to be lacking, would you not?

    And I have HG as well, but on the same day of OoT.
    Then you're expecting too much out of a re-release, all I could really say about that. :p

    Nobody is forcing you to use those controls, by the way. It's not like it's shoved on to you.
    Master Quest is slightly differently this go around. (Mostly due to it being mirrored).

    I never actually found the gyroscope to be a pain though. That's good aim for you. ~
    And a better Master Quest mode, Boss Rush mode, integrated gyroscope controls that actually work...etc.

    Four Swords Anniversary collection basically slapped on an hour long (or even less?) single player mode with the nifty, but somewhat inconvenient prospect of switching through Links. I would rather they had just included an online component with the experience as well.

    All just my opinion, though.
    Neither games can at the moment, but probably because I'm too busy RNGing stuff.

    Hmm? IMO OoT had more work placed into it.

    Yes, and a revamped online structure to boot. Friend list, yet you can't even message them? Plenty of thought must have went into that.
    In between. It could have been a longer experience, I suppose. I've heard it's only about a little over an hour long.
    Yes you would, but this has absolutely no effect on your bills to my knowledge.

    Nintendo discontinued those on the very year they were released. :/

    There might be a way, but I haven't heard of it since I've had wi-fi for a long time now.
    Yep, me too. I have none at the moment.

    I'll make a note of that if I ever require you to have wi-fi.

    Yes, I'll be getting Mario Kart 7, but you should really consider getting a router if you really want wi-fi that badly. USB dongles are no longer an option, I'm afraid.
    Not sure about the issues part, but I see.

    Yep, those were discontinued for a reason, unfortunately.
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