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Last Activity:
Mar 17, 2012
Feb 9, 2012
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Rennaissance Woman

HarmonySH was last seen:
Mar 17, 2012
    1. TheGreatArcher
      Disrespectful Toy
    2. valorjet16
      I love the style you use in your tags; seriously, it's a new era of sigmaking. Pure awesomeness. XD
    3. iamthenightrider
      Hey :)
      i really love the style of your siggys, I've pm'ed you a request :) let me know if you are too busy or anything.
    4. Fortunato
      I was wondering if you could make me another graphic? The one I want is just spinda with the text Tangerine Sky kind of like what my sig looks like now as far as placement :3 thanks in advance if you can and if you can't I understand
    5. ~Light
      Since you like art, perhaps you should join the Monthly Banner Contest? February is already over and you can vote for it here : http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=562568

      You can join every month too, it's really fun ^^. And feel free to request something in my shop if you'd like a banner ;)
    6. ~Light
      Thanks :D I really like your style too ^^
    7. Takeo
      your welcome~
    8. Takeo
      I understand, i haven't really drawn anything in a long time either lol
      except for some doodles in class when i'm bored, and i have gotten comfortable with a tablet yet, that i'm not to satisfied with the outcomes of them
      btw in rate my sig. thread, you need to wait 5 posts before posting again, just saying lol
    9. Takeo
      you drew it! xD
      the paint splatter is lovely
    10. _Snivy
      Ohh and I REALLY love your drawings, you're really good at it ^_^
    11. _Snivy
      Here's mine...

      Though I don't go on it anymore, and it's the one with only the 3 pokemon drawings I did :p I used to make a lot of banners though :p
    12. _Snivy
      Ohh, I drew Pokemon, scanned them and coloured them in PS :p
    13. Reshmesh
      It works! Thanks so much HSH!
    14. Reshmesh
      Oh wow its amazing! How do I put it into my signature?
    15. _Snivy
      No... ^_^ Lost interest in it a while ago. I'm more into playing the game itself now haha
    16. Reshmesh
      Ok I agree to the rules =)
    17. Reshmesh
      I would like one like you made Aizle please.
    18. Reshmesh
      I would love a signature with Reshiram and Arcanine on it if posable.
    19. _Snivy
      I used to be a graphic artist like you :p

      So, what's up? ^_^
    20. Reshmesh
      Hello HarmonySH. I wanted to ask if you could possibly make me a signature?
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    I love drawing and making stylish pokemon teams!


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    G R A P H I C S
    pm me if interested
    limit one sig/graphic
    per person, thanks~

    P B R code: 1592-9138-3190