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Last Activity:
Jan 27, 2018
Nov 15, 2011
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New Zealand

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Flygon Trainer, from New Zealand

Harry12 was last seen:
Jan 27, 2018
    1. the ash man83
      the ash man83
      I'm afraid I don't need a River Pattern Vivillon anymore, but I'd still be happy to trade you the Archipelago for something else if you still need it.
    2. the ash man83
      the ash man83
      Scratch that, I've got an Archipelago pattern ready and waiting :)
    3. the ash man83
      the ash man83
      Unfortunately, unless you want another Savannah, I don't have any of the forms you need :\ Is there anything else I could offer?
    4. the ash man83
      the ash man83
      Would you be able to keep that River Vivillon to the side for a bit? I'm not able to check my own, but I think I have a spare Archipelago/Icy Snow in one of my boxes.
    5. Altissimo
      I saw your location is New Zealand in the Vivillon thread, which implies Garden, I think - I don't suppose you're playing your game in a non-English language, or have any non-English Garden Vivillon?
    6. jstinftw!
      Commented on your team! (:
    7. Gelatino95
      Do you know how claiming pokemon works?
    8. Darkrai'sShadow
      Hey there. Do you have PO? If so, then we can battle. I'm always trying to improve my team. :)
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  • About

    New Zealand
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Nintendo 3DS Friend Code:
    Pokemon, Zelda, Mario


    Friend Code: 2750-1403-6302
    Espurr, Abra and Xatu
    Please PM me if you add me :)

    I am looking for 4/5 IV
    Froakie or Frogadier, Protean, Timid
    Anything else you want to offer.
    I have tonnes of 3/4/5 IV
    ;255; Torchic, Speed Boost, Jolly
    ;001; Bulbasaur, Chloropyll or Overgrow, Timid
    Honedge, No Guard, Brave

    PM if interest

    Pokedex: COMPLETE

    <3 Flygon, Lucario, Greninja <3