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  • Thank you so much for telling me, harryheart. I shall read it as soon as I can.

    In answer to your question ,yes, I adore the animé. I enjoy every episode of it. Even if Paul's not in the episode. ^.^
    Hey harryheart, just wondering, how do you create stories like Max's Hoenn Journey? I would like to give it a try. How would you write it put on this forum?
    That's funny, 'cause I have already read it! I didn't leave a review, though...
    It was a decent fic. Is it your first, yeah?
    I'm sorry! It doesn't matter about my previous post!!
    I was just being a smart ***!! Lolz!
    Truth be told... I can't find the link either... Perhaps it's been closed for me... -.-
    Sorry, mate...
    Plz forgive this sarcastic cow!
    That's okay ^^ I actually have like no time right now but as soon as I get spare time I will read it. I'm typing from my school's computer and we only hsve like 15 minutes left in the period. I usually like to have twice that to read stuff. So I'm not rushed.

    harryheart, I'm getting to it ^^; You gotta remember I'm a very busy girl with school, college applications, guitar playing, singing, etc. I read your PM last night but it was like 11:00 and I had to go to bed...

    *goes to check it out*

    Just remember, please don't send me like 55 PMs about your story.
    which account do you use more, this one or the skittles account, iv sent a friend request for this one

    skittles account? what Skittles account?
    I added you because you have a lot of similar views to me, especially about the U.K anime and I would like to make friends
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