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  • Yeah, like he's "really" going to take that well...

    But anyhow, just say the word, & I'll be ready to fight you.
    Computer Games Technologies. Basically, I want to study about how to design and create computer games.

    For my personal statement, I have to write about my good qualities, my enthusiasm for going to university and for my particulary field of study and why I am qualified to be accepted onto the course. It sounds simple enough, but writing about yourself is difficult and trying to sound convincing about somewhat average qualities is even harder.
    Not bad, I suppose. I've been focusing recently on my university application. I have to write and personal statement and its not going well. :(
    I feel a bit of the same way, though for me it's more I-love-writing-but-can't-get-around-to-doing-it. My fingers want to type, but I have no idea how to word my thoughts. If, when I'm writing, I feel like I'd rather do something else, it's a sign that the idea is boring me. Sometimes I get these random bursts of inspiration in between a period of inactivity, and I go wild all over again. So you may just be on the verge of a breakthrough... o.o
    He denied permission... now you're effectively @#%$ed.

    As for my poking stick, if you keep laughing at every-damn-thing that I say, I will continue to poke you with it!
    *jabs you with his poking stick again*
    Possibly... but you might want to get permission from your father before you do anything with it.
    Unless I can't get to my computer, I type stories. It's just a lot easier, and if I need reference, I can just use Google. It's usually not a problem for me, since if I'm immersed enough in a story, I won't want to go online anyway; I'd want to write it.
    *jabs you with his poking stick*
    That's not what I'm saying! What I was saying is if you screw around with it & your dad finds out what you've been doing, he's not going to be too happy about that, will he?

    Also, I apologise for the lapse in between my responses; I was busy breaking in my Heart Gold game, as well as having a ball with the Order of Ecclesia!
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