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Haruka of Hoenn
Last Activity:
Jun 22, 2009
Apr 9, 2007
Likes Received:

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Haruka of Hoenn


Haruka of Hoenn was last seen:
Jun 22, 2009
    1. DarkPersian479
      Ok, Bye:) DP479 out
    2. Mime1020
      Hey are you the Admin at PLF?
    3. DarkPersian479
      It's been awhile since you've been on here, lol:)
    4. DarkPersian479
      How have you been? It's been awhile XD

      Let me know if you think you can revive your fic over Christmas break:)
    5. DarkPersian479
      Hey, I gotta leave for tonight and won't be on again until Saturday sometime (after I check into a hotel I'm going to for an extended weekend break). If you have any part of your chapter you want me to look over, email it to me.

      BTW, new chapter will be up Saturday!
    6. Haruka of Hoenn
      Haruka of Hoenn
      Hey people! Join Pokelight Forums! Link: Here

      We converted to Zetaboards!
    7. DarkPersian479
      Hey, if you can, try to sign on Messenger this evening. It could be our last chance to chat since I don't know if I'll be on this weekend and soon after I'll be canceling my temp internet connection.

      Also, how's the reading of chapter 51 coming along? :)
    8. DarkPersian479
      Hey, can you give me a quick update on how the sprite's looking? Thanks:)
    9. Deoxys is #1 1995
      Deoxys is #1 1995
      hello how are you
    10. DarkPersian479
      Just in case you come online before I do, I sent an email reply back to you with my thoughts on your Chapter 14 along with the chapter with a couple changes. Essentially, I did some BETA work for you :) Unfortunately, it means you won't be posting right away, but hopefully my comments will help you out.

      See you tonight, and check your email!
    11. DarkPersian479
      Hey, don't forget to move your Lisa sprite from your old computer to your new one!
      Oh, and I posted a comment in your sprite thread:)
    12. DarkPersian479
      Certain... issues have come up with my eye operation. The date has now been pushed back to July 2. It won't change the posting of my chapters, though.
    13. DarkPersian479
      Thanks for the quick reply! Anyway, I found out that my eye surgery will be on June 26th, so my next chapter will go up soon after you get a chance to review.

      Well, I'll see you Friday! Looking forward to talking again! :)
    14. DarkPersian479
      Guess who's on despite still feeling sick... anyway, I just wanted to catch up since I was feeling MISERABLE yesterday:/
    15. DarkPersian479
      Hey, if you can make it on Messenger tomorrow, I can give you a review on that "fic" you sent me. I'll try not to be too harsh lolz :)
    16. DarkPersian479
      Thanks for the great review! My fic's just been updated on the other forum as well if you're interested!
    17. DarkPersian479
      Finished reading your reply! Hey, zero errors:) Go for it! And maybe sometime after I catch Bob I'll trade him over to you:) I'm on yahoo if you want...

      But I'd say we keep our characters for now:) Oh, and now the word "shan't" appears in my sig:P
    18. DarkPersian479
    19. DarkPersian479
      Sorry! I've been gone all day and I'm just starting on your review now! Please come on Messenger:)
    20. Haruka of Hoenn
      Haruka of Hoenn
      posteeeeed! :)
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