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  • Hi hashmeer, if you read this and I'm online, could you send me a PM please? I have the Squirtle you wanted and I'm ready for the Totodile trade.

    Are you ready for that totodile trade yet? I got your item attatched to one of my spare feebas if thats ok.
    Hi, I saw your post in the trade forum for Totodile. Can I initiate a trade? I can trade all sinnoh/hoenn/kanto starters, I just need to go breed them. I hope you'll respond.
    FC: 3823 9373 0333 (name's Misty in the game)
    One way to tell how many EVs you have is to use a vitamin in that stat.
    If it doesn't have any effect, you've maxed out EVs. (that's how I do it, at least.)
    Sure, I'm game, but I don't have access to wifi at home. I need to go to a hotspot location at this mall. Just give me a time, and I'll see if I can make it. We might not be able to do this until next Saturday though. I don't know. I think you're best option would be to ask someone else. You could ask one of my friends, if you want.
    Oh, I understand it now. But if you are breeding to get certain TM moves without using the actual TM, then doesn't that still count as using the TM? I also don't like finding the perfect item for my pokemon. I just look for something that they could at least hold. I'd give them anything. Even an Oran Berry, just to let them hold something.
    Well, it says that you like to get your pokemon by doing hard work and not picking certain natures, and that you get your pokemon by breeding, but what is the purpose of breeding then? Don't you need to choose specific natures for breeding as well? What exactly do you need breeding for? And what exactly is "hard work"? Sorry if I'm sounding mean...It's just, I don't understand.
    I like your team and I think you'll get better at making more teams in the future. All you need are some very, very minor changes. Let's be friends?
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