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  • This is a trusted forum member with swift replies, we trade-evolved a bunch of pokes, all came back. I would recommend. ;)
    yeah no problem ^_^ glad to help out ^_^ hope to see you again be getting more things in soon to add so if you see anything fancy you after I catch up on the requests to take more don't hesitate to ask :)
    tangela is good with hp fire or hp ice which I was breeding hp fire at the time :) I was breeding ha on it too but don't think had a spare one to give I just traded it randomly XD I will be adding it to my chart to hp fire to breed now I can do it with my venasaur that was rnged back in black and white perfect hp fire spread...
    I can't remember lol but I will find out and mine is Allie everything is on the front page of my trade shop as well in my sig ^_^
    I just checked your form doesn't seem you added your gmt sooooo not sure what timezone your in to convert that gmt to what time it be in my time >.> soo I be on and off today so I will try to stay on much I can while I am breeding,ev training and etc...
    what is your timezone can't figure out the conversion but can check your request form to see in a second...
    On my cellphone atm boyfriend has my laptop all day now do to his is broken but I can do it the same time you posted I will try to synch with your time sorry >.<
    alrighty not sure now about thursday my boyfriend was saying he might want to go out that time now -_- so if you can somehow do it on friday or saturday that be fine if not crap >.> I just wanted to give you heads up so you look for me and i am not online >.<
    I just logged on and dang it missed you >.> I be on for sometime if you are available of course :/

    I will off from work thursday,friday and saturday so we can catch eachother at some point we must have a big time difference do to you logged on at 9 am my time....
    okie dokie which I should be able to trade tommorow if I don't go out with my boyfriend I am off from work ^_^ if not I can do it thursday before I go to work or after ;)
    alright hasty your request is ready to be picked up whenever you are ^_^ I will have three mons ready to trade so the last mon we trade will be the dewpider :D
    hey hasty ^_^ just letting you know working on your dewpider now finally sorry for the wait been busy like always plus finally finished all those pesky 12.5% ratio female breeds that was slowing me down so breeding is going smoother again ^_^ I will message you when it is done later ;)
    And thank you.
    If you ever happen to see something interesting again when roaming the forums, feel free to contact me.
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