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    I have met them and I've told them all about you. Iris called you a kid with no taste and Bianca said she would knock you into water on purpose.
    Did this happen last night while you were dreaming? It must have been something you ate.
    The characters themselves know they're real, and that's why we root for them as if they actually existed IRL, like athletes at the 2012 Olympics or something. Fff, why the hell are we even discussing whether not they exist?
    This is nice. I think we just got off on the wrong foot, didn't we?

    And yes, I agree with the last statement.
    Excuse me, but the characters in the Pokemon universe itself wouldn't blame the writers, they'd blame Iris. That's like blaming God for all the bad things in the world, when really it's just a bunch of dumbasses abusing their power of free will. You're blowing this crap out of proportion, acting like Iris is some pure-hearted princess who can do no wrong, when clearly she's at a fault in not raising her Pokemon enough.
    You need to chill a bit. I can tell your heart is in the right place, though. Friends?
    >Axew only knows Dragon Rage and never ever uses Outrage
    >Emolga doesn't know any Flying type moves
    >She's only truly relying on Excadrill most of the time

    Yeah, no issues at all, Langley's a pea compared to her. *replied
    lets see, you replyed to me first in that iris thread and then again in that sawsbuck episode thread. And now you've blocked me? what a pussy you are @Thing
    Kid, it was a thread comparing Excadrill to Crustle, Boldore and Palpitoad. Not Iris's pokemon. I already know he's Iris's powerhose.

    you seriously need to grow up.
    This is coming from a guy who stalks me wherever I post.
    And your point is?

    Ash would probably train his Excadrill so he would be able to beat something that isn't smaller than him. Iris's drill has only beaten a Pikachu and a Dewott.
    Iris - She's a little too arrogant and smirk for me to hang around with her, i'd end up ditching her in some random town.

    I would probably do the same thing as well. :)
    She'd probably ditch the both of you before you could ever ditch her. Usually the more cooler one does the ditching, and that's not either of you.
    I'm sorry I said something that mentioned ditching the most awesome, friendly, hilarious, (and obviously not annoying or boring in any way) character in the history of pokemon, Iris. Forgive me for this horrible deed I have done. :O
    I was comparing him to Tamaki (a guy who acts...quite a bit like him XDDD) and I was making a reference to that anime.
    No. It was in the Skyla thread XDDD I said Skyla would shoot arrows [of criticism] at him for being an obnoxious, narcisstic, twit. (It was a joke from an anime I watch XD)
    Hehe I like Dento's expressions as much as Iris's. I adore both characters, but Dento a little more account of I'm his fangirl. XD
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