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  • ._.; Gosh...I even gave her a compliment. XD She's not rude all the time, but most of the time and I think that is what makes her a fun character. Snarky comments are funny they remind me of Haruhi's xD
    Well yeah I know, but still there's nothing really you can do to change their mind. Hey, I liked May. :mad: She was awesome. Dawn not so much >.<; Well Iris is pretty polite to most people. Except for her friends o_O;
    I guess, but I do genuinely want to see Kenyan winning, out of Ash's Unova rivals he strikes the balance of clearly being strong and not being a complete d!ckhead, qualities that Bianca and Trip waver in.
    I think Kenyan will win. His wish was to win the Donamite, and seeing as he's in the finals it'd be heartless of the writers for it to not come true.
    Lol I laughed at your comment to the haters on that hang out thread....but in all honesty, you could stand to be a bit politer though....^^;
    FFFFFFF I can't find it, but have you seen the scans of the Donamite? I think they're back a few pages on the Bisharp vs. Emboar thread, and that's all you really need.
    You guys are seriously going off topic with this Oshawott thing...knock it off.
    If you cared to read the thread convo, you'd have realised we stopped talking about Oshawott two posts before yours.

    Even if we was still talking about it, don't be a jerk.
    A simple "Your off topic quite a bit, please could you get back to it, thanks" would do nice.
    1. Maybe I just enjoy the sensation of being trolled. As that feeling of disappointment and annoyance washes over me, it becomes even more and more intense and, well, exciting. Like, how are they going to troll me next week?

    Like, there's no reason why y'can't speculate. Glorious speculation makes the world go around, y'know?
    *notices her hatin' on my Deino-Langley-Grimsley bollocks*

    Where is the love, the love, the love.
    That makes the world go round. Is it how you English people say it? Tell me if I made a mistake.
    I know....rofl I realized that after I posted it ._.; I felt really dumb. It's ok, I felt worse after I read what I wrote "I don't think they are married. It's more than that" what's more than being married. I'm kind of scared at what I wrote o.o;
    :p Taking this here so it doesn't become spammy in the thread.

    A dragon master in raising axew, however her pokemon team has shown that she's not bounded to just catching dragons
    But what would Meowth do for her? That's all I want to know!!!

    LMAO you see one picture of cilan and meowth and suddenly you think they are married now?? how sad and naive of you
    O.O I don't think they are married. It's more than that. I'm just making observations. Sure, they could maybe be highlighted a bit with Dento being my favorite character but really it's surprising to me that Dento's being his caretaker. It's reminding me of how James was =/

    cilan is always caring for pokemon, that's his job. He'll help meowth like he would do with any other pokemon, but meowths relationship with iris is different, a type of relationship that has opened the door of him being caught
    Then why does Iris babysit Pokemon? He's only feeds them. That doesn't make him a nanny for Pokemon.
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