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  • Now that Iris won the don tournament he`ll probably calm down a little. Hooray Iris!
    the whole point of youtube is to upload stuff. And it's not really illegal, youtube is pretty much like your own TV
    It's illegal to upload copyrighted content on YouTube. Pokemon is copyrighted, which is why a lot of episodes are removed (and why people shouldn't be uploading them in the first place). You may not like it, but that's how things are.
    Just seeing him writing nonsense in the anime thread makes me want to make him swallow his words. Just who does he thinks he is to say such absurdities?
    Yeah, even thought I would like that his theory about Ash's win would be wrong just to see him angry. Bwahahahaha!
    It would sucks if they would do that, which is why I hope that she will win too. Let's cheer for her shall we?
    Hello there! I'm Kariris! I heard that you were a huge Iris fan. I'm one too. Nice to meet you!
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