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  • yeah, shinoa sucks :D XD

    I think the last episode i saw was like... Puhoy? that may have been season four or five or something but i have to download it. :( id totally beg for tv but the only thing we would watch would be news, boring political shows and abc3 RUINED EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG


    i think i changed the conversation a bit but whatever lol
    a new pokemon game will be announced this month >:^) im gonna do my best to stay away from all the spoilers because playing pokemon black, i had no idea about anything or any of the pokemon and that made it twice as special. its no fun when you know everything, like that shinoa sucks!
    Done! :D no problem, and yeaaaaaaaaaaah im pretty sick of being called a homophobe because i dont like having things shoved in my face. :l

    i really like mika and yuu as best friends cause y'know, theyre buddies! :D but the creator is confusing things because he makes it seem like it'll be shinoa! then mitsuba! then guren! then the stranger on the street! and mika! CMON CANT THEY ALL BE FRIENDS?!! DONT BRING ROMANCE INTO AN ACTION ANIME PEOPLE

    otakus are so annoying because if two male characters communicate with each other it's "PULL OUT THE HENTAI FICS!! ITS OFFICAL!! HNGGGG THEY'RE GONNA GET MARRRRRRRIEEEEED!! OMGOMGOMG AND IF ANYONE DISAGREES THEY'RE A HOMOPHOBE!!!!!!!!"

    it's so annoying XD and i get pretty passionate about things i'm interested in... like monopoly! or adventure time! :D but the day i ship finn with the monopoly guy i'll be crazy and senile lmao
    Personally I've found XY anime alright, nothing too outstanding (like, some episodes are just outstanding but most episodes feel alright), though this Flare plot, if handled right, might just be what this show needs to become really good.

    I think this form change or whatever it is will be exclusive to Kalos starters. I doubt they'd give Pikachu something like this.

    Mega Sceptile is not yet confirmed for Sawyer :p and personally it rubs me the wrong way, I don't think a rookie like Sawyer deserves a Mega at this point. Feels like a cheap way to give Scottie a powerful Pokemon to defeat Ash with. Still kinda hoping that M-Sceptile is Ash's.
    Yeah, it's funny because Shinichi himself says in the last episode that this was really one story about an individual, or something of that sort. Yeah, that assimilation aspect just sort of happened, but I guess it made sense in the context of the plot.

    Quite frankly, I was hoping there would have been more focus, simply because I wanted to care more about the relationship as much as the show was trying. But the show just had her asking him questions for like 3/4 of it. I was surprised with what happened to Kana - I thought she would have lasted till the end because she seemed important.

    Overally, I enjoyed it. I'm giving it an 8/10. I felt a lot of themes were sort of 'hammered upon' the audience, but it was nice nonetheless. And the music was amazing. Especially "The Truth" OST.
    Opinion on XY&Z? :D

    Also, I finally watched PP the Movie. You're right, one can watch it without seeing the second season and won't really miss much.
    So I finished Parasyte. I marathoned the series. While I enjoyed watching it, I felt like I should have probably have taken some time off to reflect on the episodes, because it's clear the show was trying to be provocative, but maybe those themes weren't as compelling because I breezed through the show and some of the ideas seemed rather self-evident. I also misjudged the "scope" of the show. I thought it would have been a nationwide struggle/war against the parasites, but it really ended up being a local and individual focus. Like there was a lot of stuff happening behind-the-scenes among the population. In addition, it seemed like they wanted the audience to care about the relationship between Izumi and Murano, although it just ended up being Murano being a damsel-in-distress and asking whether he was really himself for like 3/4 of the series kek. I was hoping she would have played a greater part in the series.
    I'm halfway through (finished episode 12). A certain girl just got impaled. Definitely did not expect that - thought she would survive till the end. I liked how he got badass, but I found it slightly ironic how even without his powers, he already had built up a 'harem' kek. Can't wait to see how the second half pans out, although there seems to be a lot left to be covered.

    Ah, gotcha. Maybe I'll check out PP afterwards.
    Yeah. I guess I should be happy about that. They should do away with amourshipping though; I have no interest in it anymore.
    She looks great in her anime design. I can't wait to see what her actual personality is like.
    Yeah I know, but it feels worse for her.
    Edit: I'm excited to see Malva though, its about time she showed up :)
    I guess technically he can skip S2 if nothing that happens in it is referred to in the movie. Is that the case? I still haven't watched the movie sooo...
    (And I just finished watching first four episodes of Parasyte. So good...)
    Eh, I mean, it's just that a lot of light-hearted SOL/comedies often have romances in them too. In general, I prefer it being a subplot or an underlying factor, like in Steins;Gate, FMA:B, etc.

    To be honest, I got the very last scene(?) from Parayste spoiled for me because I went to a friend's apartment and he was watching the last bit. I didn't understand anything about what was going on, but apparently there's a romance in that one too judging by what happened (hero saving his lost interest from falling)?

    Ah, okay. So you don't need to watch S2 for the movie?
    Yeah, it's not an ensemble cast like F/Z. I think early October is when the second half BD is coming out, and apparently there are some extra scenes being released. So probably start the series then if you want to wait for now.

    Hmm, all right. I wanted to try something more light-hearted like Nodame Cantabile or Spice & Wolf (yes I am a sucker for a good love story subplot)., so that's why I figured I'd go with Golden Time. But maybe I'll just do Parasyte.

    I heard Psycho Pass has a second season and a movie, but both weren't particularly good? I hate series that start so well but disappoint afterwards.
    You'll appreciate the continuation, I think. But then again, you didn't like F/Z . Although F/SN is a bit different in tone and stye, so you may end up liking that, but of course it's your choice whether or not to finish the story.

    I have a list of shows I'm deciding upon which to watch first. Parastye, Ping Pong the Animation, No Game No Life, Psycho Pass, Tatami Galaxy, and Golden Time. Yes, Golden Time is the odd one out of that list, but it got recommended to me when I said I wanted to watch a good slice-of-life comedy/drama that *doesn't* feature high school teenagers (the characters are in college and supposed to be more mature I hope). Although, it's not as critically acclaimed as the other series listed.
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