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Haunter ゴースト

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  • Man, I don't even remember when I joined exactly haha.

    i do remember when Ash vs Tobias aired live, I watched it via Keyhole TV and simultaneously watched the Bulbagarden review thread, and I particularly remember the moment Darkrai lost and Tobias brought out Latios - everyone was so shocked and amazed and confused...it was awesome xD
    You might as well watch F/SN UBW 2014. It has some top-of-the-line animation.
    I can sort of understand why one may not like F/Z. But, once I rewatched scenes from it, and then watched the series for second time (this time in English dub) did I realize how much I enjoyed it. Plus, you appreciate it more once you watch/read Fate/Stay Night.
    Aw, I was hoping to get a 9 from you. Guess it does show people have different tastes regarding stuff. I sort of thought shows like FMA:B, Steins;Gate, F/Z, Geass are the type that are universally loved.
    I'd give XY a 7/10. Not amazing, but not bad either. There are flaws that I can go into, but it is doing some things well too.
    Haha, no problem, it was a well written and comprehensive review that captured a lot of my own thoughts about it.
    I've been alright.

    X/Y series isn't bad, but something really needs to be done about Serena's character.
    And the lack of catching is killing me. I know Ash is getting Hawlucha in all but still Jesus Christ haha.
    Great job on that post. I think the main thing that it comes to that you brought up is the word potential because I completely agree that the ingredients were all there to make a fantastic saga but somehow the writers messed up. I don't know what happened to the series because it started off promising enough but towards the end, the writers either threw up their hands and gave up or were just so lazy (outside of the Meloetta arc and Episode N, which I thought were both well done).

    It's hard to really say what went wrong here. I know most people say BW was doomed to begin with because of Ash's regression and him losing to a newbie, which is something I don't share the same opinion of as I still enjoyed a lot of the episodes.

    But this by no means feels like a sequel to DP. If this saga came after Johto or after Kanto/OI, it wouldn't have looked nearly as bad but coming after DP, Ash's regression stood out like a sore thumb.
    I'm looking forward to reading it.

    I do have a question about XY being your favorite series over Kanto. What is XY doing that makes you feel that it's better than Kanto so far?
    My main cons with it were actually the rivals, or more specifically, the handling of the rivals. I did enjoy some of them and what they brought to the table, but for the most part, their arcs felt very incomplete, and I think a lot of time they used for DA! could have been used to flesh out the characters more. I am actually in the camp that feels Ash's main rivals were better than Iris' and Cilan's rivals. And when I say main rivals, I am not including Cameron in that since he's a different beast entirely. And even though Virgil's not included, I still thought he was a good League rivals that got screwed over due to a rushed League. Some of Ash's rivals did have their problems (Trip had so much potential that was wasted way too often, Bianca turned into a walking, talking running gag during the tournaments, and Stephan's name gag went a little overboard), but they did have their good moments. My problems with Georgia and especially Burgundy have more to do with their handling than their characters. Their characters were pretty unique but their stories felt incomplete and for the most part, they didn't feel like they were moving anywhere in their story each time they showed up.

    And DA! and the Unova League speak for themselves.
    No need to go into more detail. I get the general idea of your feelings for each saga. To be honest, even though it didn't always come across on the forum, I found Best Wishes to be quite flawed as well but not for the reasons most people find it be flawed. I know people always look at Ash and Team Rocket and how they were handled as the things that sunk Best Wishes, but I wasn't all too mad with what they did with Ash. I mean, it's something I just accepted. I still don't think it was good writing by any means and hope they never do something like that again, but it didn't ruin the saga for me like it did some people. And honestly, I truly do understand why Ash's regression ruined the show for some people. Like I said, it was bad writing but taking that out of the way, I liked quite a few things BW did. Team Rocket I was perfectly fine with and still think this was the best TR has been since OS.
    Haunter, I was wondering what your thoughts are in terms of which sagas are the best and which are the worst? I know you said that XY is looking like it will end up as your favorite and BW is your worst, but how would you rank the other 3 sagas?
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