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  • I didn't really care for it, it was alright. After the league it got pretty decent, but like you said, DA! was so pointless. A rushed league just for all those fillers (and the writers screwed us over with the Butterfree episode). Yeah, Charizard's return was really underwhelming.

    Haha the build up was good, unfortunately the earthquake destroyed it (no pun intended). Oh yeah, I forgot about Scraggy! For Cilan's and Iris's Pokemon, all but Stunfisk were cool, imo.

    Yeah, and it seems like a lot of times I actually post it's pointless because other users are already in their own little argument or they just keep replying to older posts, so it's pretty boring haha.

    Thanks, I'll need it if I want to get into medicine.
    I quite liked BW2, though I've also been losing interest in the games. I like starting over but not continuing my games, I get bored too easily. The anime is watchable, though where I live they're just about to air to last BW season so it's pretty far behind. Yeah the BW anime saga was awful - there were some good things (Oshawott, Pignite and Krookodile were well made I think. People blame them for taking the spotlight, but the way I see it, they were the only well developed Pokemon in Ash's team, so they didn't really take the spotlight, they just grew and did things better...).

    Haha I can imagine why DA! would make you want to leave. I also don't post as much. I've been at the 4000 post mark for like 1 year and something now, I just can't be bothered to share ideas or anything. I kind of go like, 1 week without posting, then I'll post quite a bit for 2-3 days, then stop posting again. Though I still check the site.

    Good luck! Yeah, I'll always have this account in case I want to talk about anything, but probably from senior year I won't post as much (you know, exams and all).
    I can imagine. I still talk to the users I usually talk to thankfully, though there are 1 or 2 that I don't speak to that much anymore. Why did you almost leave? I don't know about myself, in the next 3 years I will hopefully finish high school and hopefully get into a good university (not sure what I'll study, leaning a lot towards medicine at the moment).

    I can imagine. I don't see you post that much anymore from what I used to see.
    I was just thinking about it and I just thought of that. I joined in (I think) September 2011, so I've been around for 2 years and a few months, and most people are still here, from the ones I saw back then.
    Bringing different, new type of interaction which cant be achieved with newly met people because of lacking history and same level of understanding like old friends do. Man now im even more interested in how that would play out lol if Misty ever returned.

    p.s. Its all cool mate. All it matters is that you answered back finding time for me appreciating it so much. Its real pleasure talking to you having lot of fun, relaxing unbound conversation and way to get know each other better this way. So i want to thank you for that.

    Yep im definitely excited for new pokemon movie. Not only it will introduce mega evolutions but Mewtwo too (one of my favorite pokemon). I wish writers used original Mewtwo being quite complex and well developed pokemon (but alas).
    Being all fired up and full of brash demeanor like Togepi two parter due to villains or her friends actions annoying her(like Ash who managed to irritate Misty right of the bat pulling him by collar because of being rude or Brock escapades with Misty utilizing most painful ear pull ever lol when he flirted with princess Sarah) , while on other hand when talking about her own issies and helping others over them like Max compassionate, friendly and playful. Becoming more competent and tougher than ever ( Max admired her headstrong nature and skilled use of Gyarados for a reason which even left Ash surprised). Feeling like she as person gotten stronger and her friendship with Ash evolved thanks to it as well.

    With Misty interacting like someone in early teens. Being more selfcritic and responsible mixed with sarcastic, rebellious demeanor and flirty, quirky nature realizing what love is and commitment it requires from both side feeling shy and very timid when faced with such things(see reactions when asked to go on date by Georgio and youll get what i mean lol).
    This was even more noticeable when deciding to do surprise visit when Ash returned home from Hoenn league being overexcited when seeing him again. Though she was very happy when meeting up with Brock too. It would be definitely nice to see how would strong friendshipobetween Ash and past companion play out remembering their past adventures and both good or bad moments.
    Reviving that comedy, genuine sarcasm in trying to outsmart each other through witty quips, irkness and frustration at each other through their outbursts and moral support, admiration they showed numerous times.
    Anime has great battles, interesting plots and so much potential. But if it just constantly introduce new people and pokemon while abandoning older ones it decreases level of enjoyment. Weakening continuity, connection to past and devalues impact from those which influenced Ash character and anime before hurting its storyline and Ash growth becasuse of no insight in his previous experiences(something BW was terrible at doing making it seem like Ash memory was erased, horror).

    Haha i know, Takeshi Shudo had some really noble ideas. His train of thought was very different from other writers wanting to bring new level of innovation and creativity in story. He even stated in his blogs how he decided to create somewhat complex characters which to extent he succeeded in introducing main protagonists and TR, but due to marketing constraints and disputes with director he was never allowed to take them through deeper, more challenging development. Or take series story in entirely new direction. I mean just take for example his idea of creating real T-rex for third pokemovie. It would add more realism to pokemon world (because references to real animals happened at times like ordinary fish or even dog being showed). Bringing new dimension to story perhaps better explaining pokemon origins and how pokemon came to planet earth. Now that i think about it that sounds like great material for some very fascinating and more profound plot.

    Ah true dynamic between Ash and Misty would be certainly abit different since they both matured, knowing each other for very long time and became closer. Actually we got somewhat insight in Misty interactions with Ash now that they are more familiar with each other when making appearance in Hoenn.
    True so true, though just because anime is based on games doesn't mean how it cannot do better job with character development, continuity, and coherence of storyline as whole. Especially when writers of pokemon series while obliged to follow games and market their products also have certain level of liberty in forming cast, choosing who and what is going to be utlized when pushing forward game products along with through existence of dozen of anime exclusive tournaments, characters, even whole regions(Orange Islands and Decolora) showing they are allowed to add some of their own imagination into the plot molding story to their own according. So its not like they are completely subjected to games, and even when game marketing takes prevalence it bothers me how writers yet again waste on chance to utilize all time favorites playing meaningful role again(like travesty with world tournament).
    I just wish writers acknowledged history, previous Ash friends and pokemon little more. Than pokemon series would be truly epic.

    Doing justice to Ash character finally winning league and pay more attention to past and previous experiences, giving sometime reference and in flesh appearance of Ash friends(even simple phone call like he does with prof. Oak would be much appreciated giving out message;hey this character exists, there is strong bond between Ash and them staying in touch). To shape plot of each new series main story in such way that sometime older character (like Brock, May, Max, Misty etc) can return, showcase new skills, get some follow up and influence main story and new characters with his unexpected return(like they revived Giovanni in BW). Rather than being forgotten about never to be seen again, enjoy in their unique antics and divergent personalities with effort and plots staying acknowledged bringing them somewhere eventually.
    Whole situation with Misty and gym was rather left messed up and abit convoluted. At one hand Misty showed desire to travel when being in Ash and friends company again burning with desire of mastering use of water types being prideful when she tamed Gyarados and even expressing desire to hit road again continuing with travels in chronicles with Date with DElcatty revealing her sadness and desire that her sisters are more freliable being able to count on them when wanting to leave and poursue her own ambitions, but at same time she feels she doesn't have much choice currently but to stay making best out of it and help sisters to prevent gym(her home)ending closed due to their carefree attitude.
    Opening room for changes because Misty showed desire to be more than gym leader revealing desire to travelk again after departure.

    I wont be saying anything. BUT for Misty thanks to unresolved story abruptly interrupted due to outside circumstances like whole gym job and undefined, on large part uncleared future of what Misty intends to fo with her life provides much, much easier for writers to bring her back and do continuation with her desire to become powerrful water expert and live up to E4 like Lorekei she worships so much eventually maybe being taken as her apprentice trauining together and teaching her secrets of water pokemon and how to master their use. Than its case with May or Dawn for example. Who brought resolution to go on their own realizing in what way they can acvhieve their goals being solidified their future position and in what way things will unfold for them.
    If that makes sense?

    p.s. Ah no need to be sorry my friend. We all have our obligations, jobs, school or college along with other interests and chores waiting to be done. Its all good, and what matters is that you eventually replied when you found time. Being very thankful for that. :D
    Though to be fair Whirl Cup or Seaking contest was noble step in right directions and those bonding moments with her Poliwhirl and Marill learning to better understand true value and sttrength of water pokemon.
    In reality Misty was in anime at time when writing wasn't on same height like it used to be later on with anime formula being completely different back in day being mainly focused on adventure aspect, friendship and character dynamic rather than working toward dreams, training etc.

    However while in dreams and career as trainer there was left much more to be desired, Misty actually grew quite abit as person in emotional sense over course of Kanto, Orange and Johto(something which while inconsistent and had its gaps was performed in gradual, very believable way. Something i covered pretty thoroughly in character development thread(not sure if you ever read it though). With Misty developing emotionally(though there existed more to be desired there too), but not in career and trainer sense much leaving her unexplored in many fields.

    As for gym thing in reality Misty was always gym leader. Even before meeting Ash in Kanto she was leader(passive one like Brock but still a leader), who left on journey to become water master since you cannot achieve this title and level of power creep by staying at gym. Which i presume played one of main reasons why Misty was so unwiling to return back to gym and reesume her position when sisters called her back at end of Johto. With cjhronicles afterwards leaving Misty future and what she intends to do with life very unclear leaving many loose ends left to be tied about her water master career, ambitions, unresolved disputes with sisters, fears and im not a shipper but pokeshippers would say unresolved feelings toward Ash too :p).Sorry had to bring it up, because you wouldn't believe how many people out there complain about this last part.
    No i can perfectly understand what you mean about OS, especially Kanto.

    It really did felt in Original series and to extent in Hoenn that anime followed games less treating it more like its own story along with being pervated with more consistent development and story paying attention to past and previous characters building on their growth along with Ashs. Takeshi Shudo(head writer for OS) even wanted to turn anime into family oriented anime with deep and well written story making each character crucial to plot playing part of some bigger joiurney. Until director and game producers rejected his ideas with series starting to become much more focused just on promotion with following and characters falling in second plan.
    Original series always appeared to me as having more emotion, depth and originality(yes im willing to make thorough case for Johto in its better aspects as well because beginning and Master Quest still contained rich and natural characterization within main cast which had most touching goodbye filled with lot of emotion and complex interactions of all other groups Ash traveled with for reason(no other group fekt so heartbroken of parting ways like original triop was nor Ash ever cried when departting with friends like he did with Brock and Misty who started to cry too being all sad and let down when running away from poke center). Accompanied with, lot of dramatic twists and siome of that wacky, mature atmopshere pookemon had in its early days) compared to everything happening afterwards.

    About Misty true, true.
    I can definitely understand your frustration because looking back its true writers missed on many opportunities mishandling Misty dreams . Which fuels my disappointment and peeves me even more when being obvious how much potential and unique, diverse ways there existed to take character forward getting consistent and great growth as trainer from it.
    Ehm, sorry mate for sending you four visitor messages, but i had so much to say yet damn character limt prevented mne from forming it in one message. Hope its not an issue though and i know trhat my grammar is terrible.

    Sorry, English isn't my native language so im not as fluent and precise with it like i wish i would be.
    In sense of both allowing that Misty character and story evolves coming cloer toward her dreams, while at same time giving to Ash from encounter of E4 members and their repesentatives, scouts which could test Misty out through various tasks invaluable experuence, info on E4 mrmbers weakness and strength as well on how whole thing function masking him better prepared asnd evolve his battle skills to much, much higher level. Thanks to development of Misty story allowing that Ash story advance too leaving influence on it.

    Misty who would be taken as apprentice or at least be took in consideration wouldnt achieve something faster or be superior to Ash that way because he would still be stronger than her and more prominent candidate to be taken under someone tutorage. Winning whole BF already makes him superior compared to Misty becoming just student to trainer expert.

    As long Misty wouldn't become E4 before Ash wins league, beat E4 and champion going forward in master career of becoming best there would be no discrepancy present in skill level not overshadiwing main hero of this anime.

    p.s. Actually it may seem strange to you but in that case i would prefer that Misty loses to Ash when being on quest of trying to become E4 water expert, because it would make her see how far she still is from her dream filing her with passion and desire to be more creative in her battles. In aim of working even harfder to catch up on Ash level and have proper rematch one day when Ash becomes champoion and she E4 or in recommendation for it.
    In reality judging by behavior after departure at one hand Misty showed desire to travel when being in Ash and friends company again burning with desire of mastering use of water types being prideful when she tamed Gyarados, but at same time she feels she doesn't have much choice currently but to stay making best out of it and help sisters to prevent gym(her home)ending closed due to their carefree attitude.

    So in a way current experience and learning at gym would in reality serve asstepping stone for her to eventually go on journey in case she decide to continue pursuing her dream of becoming top class water trainer. Being logical progression forward for her characer and good way to be promoted for someone who wants to become water master, strongest mono specialist in world being by nature very competing and filled with passion for battling, improving yourself and making name for yourself out there character. Best of all? It fits nicely with game canon and game counterpart of seeming to want to be something more tham gym leader too.

    It wouldnt overshadow Ash as long Misty wouldnt become E4 before he becomes champion. But at same time Misty being on journey to enter tournaments, learn how to improve her battle style using more productively water pokemon and deal with her own unsolved issues(imagine if she met Surskit, half bug that woukld likerly cause conflict in character struggling in accepting it despite being partially water adding for great character development making further steps forward))to at least be taken as apprentice(meaning not on E4 level obviously just learning from experts under their wing)would be like killing two birds with one stone.,
    About Misty i thought more along the lines of writers coming up with some story where Misty could end up as Lorelei or Wallace apprentice being good way to close down things with her, after Ash becomes champion and pokemon master and other girls become top coordinators. Would that be acceptable to happen when anime ends not achieving it before Ash does his dreams?

    One of main reasons why Misty left gym back in OS was because she wanted to be something more than gym leader(that and being sick of sisters egoism), dreaming of meeting legendary water pokemon bond with them on close level(you will notice this in many episodes back than), to become strongest water trainer in world/water master with Whirl Islands and being literal fangirl over E4 Lorelei stating she wants to become like her stroingly revealing what were her ambitions(girl shooted for high position). At end of Johto Misty returned back to gym because she was forced to return and take care of it due to her older sisters leaving on cruise trip later on staying because of necessity since her careless sisters didnt wanted to fill in for her and do their chores . Further proof was showed in one of chronicle episodes with Misty being disappointed over her sisters resonsibility showing desire to travel again but also deciding to stay doing her best until substitute could be found allowing her to leave it in case of traveling again with no feeling guilt of her and sisters home getting closed down(proof. "Date with Delcatty" from chronicles, in original Japan version at end of episode she is saddened over sisters avoiding obligations saying how "her sisters are useless, so she will have to stay at gym doing her best for time being"). Dub changed it just like they did her line of there being someone else when rejecting to go on date for who knows what reason.
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