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Haunter ゴースト

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  • Oh everything is fine mate.I admit sometimes i write too much being too detailed in my posts(i know bad habit lol).Nah im not bothered by what you said at all.While i didnt agreed with some things in that thread about misty,i still respect your opinion.

    Its always nice to hear different opinions from people,it adds more variety.
    Well admit it. It sucks in both the games and the anime. In the games it can't beat rattata or monferno.
    Yeah some people these days just don't know how to look for a certain thread and not create on that already exists even if it was closed.
    I swear I saw a thread like this the other day...
    Yeah cause there was a thread EXACTLY like this one last week.
    Well that happens when you reply to spam threads form obvious troll believe me I Used to do the same thing.
    Yeah, but you'd think they'd be more entertaining. Alder fits the bill nicely, so he's most likely gonna be my favorite anime incarnation of a Champion.
    Wallace is fabulous and I like both of his VAs, but I just prefer him as a Gym Leader instead. Steven's obviously the real Champion, and I think it's cute that he offered to take Wallace's place as Champ so the guy can go off to canoodle with Winona. BTW, I rarely ever hold much fondness for any of the female characters other than Winona, Jasmine and Bianca, so that means her lack of an interesting personality dullens Cynthia even more to me.


    *Snivy obviously loses*

    Cynthia's actually my least favorite Champion. Not because she's a girl, it's because she's basically like any other pre-Alder Champion with a vagoina. Somehow Steven is still my favorite Champ despite his lack of personality, but I'm getting Tony Stark vibes from him, especially after seeing this pic of him.
    I thought Ash's strategy was THE BEST DEFENCE IS OFFENSE LOL or something like that. :/
    Considering the fact that I am a young woman who finds N to be extremely attractive (AKA I'd shag that), it ain't my fault that I want to see more N goodness, now is it?
    Hey you =D
    Been a long long time indeed! Any hope for more weekend hunts?
    Im doing great thnx, urself?
    Then again, unresisted type coverage makes Reshiram tempting, but you can get the other dragon if you trade or hack.

    As for N, I think his friendship with Ash should stretch longer than Ritchie's quick debut at the League and yadda yadda yadda, what happens afterwards. Hell, I want N to be a new travelling partner should the opportunity arise, and it most likely will arise if N gets to the after-league and Ash wants to see how far his new buddy's gonna get.
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