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  • BTW, did you get Black or White? I got White solely because Zekrom looked more heroic than Reshiram.
    Remember that although Ash is a passionate, hot-blooded individual, his most iconic characteristic is the Pikachu on his shoulder.

    Also, we (if I was a writer, that is) wouldn't have to see Ash's sojourn in Unova end, we can easily have him travelling with N (Ash being blissfully unaware of N's goals, of course) to the Champions' League to see how well he'll do, depending on how well their friendship blossoms over the course of the rest of Best Wishes.
    If N does enter the league, he will most likely sweep the entire competition unless Ash awakens as the Hero of Ideals and fights N with Zekrom.
    Otherwise, wouldn't it be interesting to see the Champions' League? N's finale shouldn't just stop at the regional tournament, I wanna see him fight the E4 and eventually Alder!
    Really, all I wanna see is N. He's probably the character people are most hyped for in this series, with the only character that can possibly eclipse that being Ghetsis himself or the revelation that ST does actually = ST.
    I'm certain that TPCi didn't make that edit without the consultation of the Japanese Pokemon Company, it'd be too risky.
    I'm expecting BIG things to happen with Best Wishes in the coming months, with the latter half of the saga approaching and the legendaries making in-series appearances, they'd be focktarded to not give a round to Plasma.
    Good for you, because I was actually being sarcastic.
    It's very likely that they actually have SG Krokorok buried somewhere underneath the Desert Resort, though. :/
    I have a good few PARTY HARD pics, I might need to make a sub-folder....:x
    Would you have any idea whether or not I'd have to re-upload pics into a sub-folder on Photobucket?
    So images tend to not work whenever you click on the link? Sounds like bollocks.
    What browser do you use, BTW?
    I never refer to myself in the third person, that was only because you make such an asinine post referring to me as "Them"

    Back off, go cyberbully other people, you have no control over me or any other members or what they post.

    I actually discuss the episode in my post, so yes, it was needed :), unlike you who posts for the sake of it.
    I meant, Cyber put Iris name in the thread just for that reason :D, his threads always have that hiding bashing meaning trying to get people into bashing fights and falemwars.
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