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Haunter ゴースト

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  • I think it would be easier. Cause then we don't have to deal with the SHU forum arguing we stole their mascot.
    I know, but I figured Litwick would be good since it's the Pokemon that started the Weekend Shiny Hunters. I thought it would be a fitting mascot
    Well, if there's one thing I'm good with it's computers, so I should be able to get it running. I've been planning it, and ive already got a mascot for us: Litwick! Unfortunately it'll have to wait until the end of the month though, I go on vacation Friday.
    Good, thanks! Got a shiny Foongus! Still 15 more boxes to go, hoping for one with a nature that DOESNT lower the stat I was everstoning (wanted modest, got +SpD -SpA)

    Would you like to Admin a new incarnation of the WSH, if I end up deciding to make it?
    Lol I don't get pissed at anyone here, believe me, I'm calm most of the times, its not because I write dumb or stupid or wtv word people think its offensive its not like I'm shouting, I'm pretty relaxed while writing it, you seem to be the one that boils too fast.

    I just use the easy solution, I talk one time, I talk two times, after the third or more times I just add them to my ignore list.

    This is the internet not my real life, I have more to do then get pissed at random people who no offensve, don't affect me at all in my real life.

    Well seems like its sorted, I'm going to remove you from my ignore list.
    Alrigh, I'm going to give you a chance.

    Read my posts, I'm not being rude to anyone, I'm disagreeing, I didn't say I hated Kanto, you got my posts completelly wrong and made a huge post about it.

    Yes I got you on my ignore list because of that cocky thing, you said that twice to me and to other people, I don't block people just because I like to block them, I block them when they become an annoyance to the forum.

    The people I have blocked are trolls mostly, I have 0 people on my ignore list because I disagree with them, that is completelly retarded.

    I tell things like they are but I'm not being offensive to anyone, when I say someone is saying something, I'm not saying the person is dumb, I'm saying what they said was dumb.

    If you feel offended because of me saying people are nuts for thinking Kanto is the worst region, you shouldn't feel offended, either look at the facts or disagree with me, don't completelly misunderstand my post and say I'm hating on something aka there is that atitude of yours again, based on the facts I gave, Kanto was worse then every other region.

    Then you come with that talk after I justify why I block you, which makes no sense, you were rude to me and other users for no reason, that warrants a block in my opinion.

    No I'm not being rude this is how I talk, I'm not calling you anything, I'm not accusing you of anything.
    You called Pepsi immature for blocking you. And I said that blocking someone does not equal immaturity.
    Eh, don't worry about it! It's actually kinda fun :p I have enough time anyways since if nobody has made the hunt yet I do that right after I make the polls.
    Okay, thanks i was just really angry at the time when i was pming everyone...im fine now over it...I still do have the thread though...Its different then other shiny threads due to you can tell stories, and causual disscussions about shinies for every gen...thought i would be easier...its mostly the whole thing for shinies...If you like to post you can...I still do post once in awhile in the 5th gen thread...
    hey haunter277 hows it going?...please hope your not mad at me too?...i made a crazy not thing pm message and it cost me some friends...
    Where did you get your new sig ?
    Did you make it in Photoshop or is it something that is automatically generated ? :)
    Yup, starting from scratch. And sorry about the banner taking so long, I still haven't had any time outside school.
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