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Haunter ゴースト

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  • Yeah, my religion teacher is obsessed with essays. This isn't even for Finals :/ I can stay online, but the banner will have to wait til later
    okay that sounds great...just kinda felt left out a bit...yeah i really love the banner nakashima made today...i was talkin to her about using that to spread the word...i wanted the banner to be having petlil and cottonee at least because some people have black version like me and some have white...
    hey haunter227, thought it was okay for me and jelly host this one for u...well is it okay if all three of us host it then?...me and jelly discussed the date together...
    No problem! I'd be happy to! I'll make it slightly smaller so that you have more sig space. I'll take out the "Other" section, too. Which shinies?
    Yeah still dont know how I of all people got that lucky, as it took me what, 14 years, to get my first one to appear? xD
    Hope you get urself a litwick mate, as it was your idea to do this hunt, you totally deserve it =]
    Yeah in hindsight, I was a bad combination of pissed off with irl stuff (women issues- isn't it always?) and fed up of a few stupid people on spoilers that annoy me. It wasn't a stupid thing to speculate and I jumped on you, sorry.
    I will make an Elgyem place banner if somebody finds one in the 1st 3 shinies though. So there will be 2 completant ones. I'll do that probably tomorrow, or at least late tonight.
    I could make an Elgyem Completant banner, but I'll make the other one as a prize if someone finds it before all of the Litwick ones are taken.
    Thanks! And would it be okay if I only did that if someone finds Elgyem? The banners take a while and I don't have much time today.
    For the sake of keeping it shorter (slightly) how about Celestial Tower RE Participant. And to keep it like a userbar I was keeping the text between 2 sprites on mine. I'll post them in a minute, but what should the other ones say? I have no idea what to do for text on the prize ones.
    That's a great idea, but my stupid software makes it impossible to make any of the badge border invisible. How about one with all of the evos on it?
    I'm not going to. Though it would be pretty cool. I have trouble sorting through all of the crap in that thread. I posted a while ago that I could make 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize userbars. It seems to have been lost.
    Basically I used 'layers' in a photo-editing program (paint.net, it's free) to layer them on. I don't plan who I want where, I just picked some I liked and kept putting them one on top of each other on different layers. Hope that's clear, let me know if you want more explanation.
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