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Haunter ゴースト

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  • Hey, I see you have a problem with Pepsi Plunge. Don't bother talking to him. If you don't agree with him, he will call you a lesser being. No point of wasting your breath on him, and you should rather just report him.
    No, I knew you were new and saw you didn't know the rules. This was a reason why I acted hostile.
    And yes true, you don't have to be nice, but insulting... that's really dangerous (and even something not okay in real life either). But you seem to think being rude and blunt is just as offensive as insulting, so okay I guess.
    Still doesn't really make sense to me but fine, I'll respect your way of thinking.

    Well, you can call it wasting your time, but what's the goal of a forum? I would think discussing something (well, in this case), and not reading what has been said before or just jumping in a discussion without knowing what's already said and discussed recently seems not fitting in a thread.

    And agreed, I was rude. I won't deny that. But in my defence, the rules don't say I need to sugarcoat everything either.
    ... So you say it's offending yet it doesn't offend you... well, okay, whatever. Seems a strange way of thinking, but okay.

    Actually yes I did read them all but I have to admit, that doesn't happen often. But I do always lurk around for a month at aleast to find out how to act and what the rules are on a specific forum.

    I may have not expressed my opinion about it so clearly, correct. But that's because many people have already said the same thing like I just did, and that can be aggrevating. Again, lurking for quite a while helps a lot.

    Okay, I probably chose the wrong words there. I said it didn't matter because I am possitive people read it anyway, even if it was on the bottom of the page. Because well, how else would I have known to start with?
    (And the mewthree not happening is probably a fact, not an opinion, but okay)
    Okay, I can understand if you were feeling offended but I was merely being straight-forward. Believe me, there are people who are far more straight-forward in the thread. If you can't handle harsh critique, then maybe you shouldn't be on a discussion thread.

    No, being new is not an excuse. Violating the rules -even not on purpose- is still violating the rules, just like in real life. You are ought to know the rules and I even think you are asked to read and agree with the rules when you create an account.

    And one bad reason doesn't make something a good idea at all. Like someone said in there, mewthree would break the game and also the story. I understand you want "more" but it would lower the quality of what we have now.

    Don't exaggerate please. I said once to shut up about mewthree and I agree, that could have been harsh and maybe rude. But again, I didn't say nobody cares nor nobody wants to read about it. I simply said it won't happen and I also said why (because it's unnecessary).
    Yes that is true, but I didn't say you should stop talking about that though.
    And being new isn't an excuse to violate the rules. Best thing to do on a forum is just lurk for a while and try to find out how everything works and especially reading all the rules.
    And okay, at least you tried giving a reason, but it just wasn't a good one. Just like the light-type-fight, having a mewthree would be redundant and possibly game breaking.
    Also... I never said anything like that and never did insult you. I was blunt, okay, but I never insulted.
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